Giving Second Life to Historic Buildings: Pipelife's Master3Plus System Gains Popularity in Finland

13. September 2023 | 8 min read

Noise pollution is a common complaint in multistory buildings, yet a lot can be done during renovation to reduce it. Pipelife's acoustic soil and waste system Master3Plus has been recognized as one of the quietest in Europe, improving the living comfort in buildings. Thanks to its straightforward installation and excellent range of fittings, the system has become a sought-after solution in Finland, especially in challenging renovations, and the project contractors are willing to share their experience. 



In Tampere, a unique and historic property — Pyynikkin Brewery — will soon be bustling with life again. After renovation, the iconic red brick building will feature 45 high-quality loft apartments and business premises. However, the brewery has floors with varying ceiling heights, posing challenges for the renovation of piping networks.

The experienced contractor, HVAC-Halli Peltomäki Oy, is installing plumbing systems throughout the building, making sure it will meet current living standards. 

"The pipes will go through the ceiling of the ground-floor apartments, and to dampen the sewer noises, it was crucial to use acoustic soil and waste pipes and fittings in this project," says Niko Peltomäki, Project Manager at HVAC-Halli Peltomäki Oy. 

Few piping solutions on the market were suitable for the non-standard installation conditions, but Pipelife's Master3Plus acoustic soil and waste system ticked all the boxes.  

Tested by the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany as one of Europe's quietest soil and waste systems, Master3Plus keeps water-flow sound levels in buildings below 10 dB(A). In comparison, the typical noise level in a library is around 40 dB(A). 

Ease of installation was another major factor for HVAC-Halli Peltomäki Oy. The Master3Plus pipes have specially developed gasket profiles that prevent accidental push-out or displacement. Similarly, reinforced ribs and insertion-depth markings on Master3Plus fittings help orientate and connect them correctly. 

Peltomäki admits that the installation process, while complex, has been going smoothly. 

"I have heard no complaints from the installers. As someone who has done installation work myself, I know that everything must be very good then," he laughs. 

Master3Plus referenssi Tampere 2023
Master3Plus referenssi Tampere 2023



Another large-scale renovation of historic premises is currently underway further south — on the island of Suomenlinna. Housing one of Finland's most impressive fortresses and numerous other heritage sites, the island is popular with tourists and locals alike. In the 1970s, the old barracks located on Suomenlinna were converted into rental apartments for residents seeking a historical touch.  

As nearly 50 years have passed, the unique residential complex now requires modernization, and all in-house networks, from HVAC and sewage to power supply and distribution, need updating. 

Finland's National Board of Antiquities oversees the process to ensure the architectural value of the barracks is preserved, and works are carried out in compliance with leading industry standards. 

"For the soil and waste system, there was a requirement that the noise levels have to be very low," recalls Jouni Jauhiainen, Managing Director of TNT-Putki Oy Ab, the plumbing contractor of the project. "We had to look for a product that would meet these requirements, and Pipelife's [Master3Plus system] did, so we went with it."  

Mika Rajakangas, Sales Manager At Pipelife Finland, says that Master3Plus pipes are commonly sought-after in renovation projects where using other soundproofing technologies may not be possible. He also helped TNT-Putki Oy Ab prepare the documentation to obtain necessary approvals from the building department.  

"When it comes to renovation, compromises often have to be made regarding positioning of the sewers. In such cases, using acoustic pipe systems is of even higher importance," Rajakangas explains. 



As renovation projects often have challenging time restraints, reliable delivery schedules are crucial to contractors. For example, works at the Pyynikkin Brewery are to be completed this year, and timely supplies for the Suomenlinna project are critical, as all products must be shipped to the island by sea.  

"Pipelife certainly has lived up to our expectations," admits Jouni Jauhiainen. "The availability of all parts has been excellent." 

Pipelife Finland works with its wholesale partner Onninen, who supplies products to project sites, including Suomenlinna and Pyynikkin. When needed, deliveries can also be organized from Pipelife Finland's own warehouse to meet tight project schedules. 

"The products have always been delivered when needed," says Niko Peltomäki. "In projects with a strict timeline like this one, availability is of paramount importance, and the goods must be on-site when agreed." 



It's not only apartment blocks that benefit from acoustic pipes. Two years ago, major renovations started at Oulu City Hall, aiming to preserve the 137-year-old building and improve its functionality. 

Replacing the aged building service systems is a crucial part of the extensive work currently being carried out by Aro Systems Oy. The restoration is to be completed already next year. 

"The hall will be renovated from the ground to the rooftop," says Marko Malila, Project Manager at Aro Systems Oy. "Due to the age of the building, this is a challenging project, and we encounter surprises almost every day." 

Pipelife's Master3Plus system was selected through a competitive tender process, and although the contractor had not worked with these pipes before, the team is very satisfied with the result. Due to more than 200 complementary Master3Plus fittings, an optimal solution can easily be found for even the most challenging installation scenarios.  

"This was the first site where we used Master3Plus, and the installers were coming to us telling how straightforward the system was to install," Malila recalls. "I can recommend this product to other contractors, and we will rely on it in our future projects, too." 



The demand for acoustic pipe systems in Finland is currently on the rise, and Pipelife's Master3Plus acoustic soil and waste system has already proved itself as a transformative solution for challenging construction projects. 

Mika Rajakangas explains that customers appreciate not only the excellent soundproofing properties and installation ease of Master3Plus but also that the system is fully recyclable once its service life is complete — offering an appealing solution for green construction and renovation projects. 

As Finland's historic buildings gain a new lease on life, Pipelife's innovative system continues to play an important role in preserving the country's historical architecture while aiding the transition to a more sustainable and comfortable future. 

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