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Organizational News: The New Managing Board of Pipelife

Pipelife International’s Managing Board has been restructured and strengthened.

Pipelife has now entered into a new development phase and our operational business is being reinforced through the formation of regional clusters, technical competencies have been enhanced and supporting governance functions have been established.

The Managing Board of Pipelife now consists of six functions.

CFO Gabriele Ram continues to be in charge of all financial matters, IT, process optimization and, in addition, purchasing.

COO Central Europe and Balkans Karl Aigner is retiring end of 2017 and we are happy to announce that Doris Strohmaier has joined Pipelife as the new COO Central & Eastern Europe, taking responsibility for Pipelife in Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, Russia, Greece and Turkey. She will define and implement the regional strategy in close collaboration with the country management and ensure the successful execution of our common standards, best practices and key projects.

There is a newly established position of COO North & Western Europe. This region now comprises Sweden, Norway, Finland and the Baltic countries as well as the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, UK and France. Harald Schwarzmayr has come to Pipelife to strengthen the company's business in its North & Western Europe region as COO, contributing with his long-standing expertise.

Javier Miranda (previously COO of North & Western Europe and Poland) takes over the function of Chief Technical Officer (CTO). In this role, he will be responsible for engineering, CAPEX and all production related issues, product management and product development.

In addition, Gerd Franssens has joined the Pipelife Managing Board, holding the newly established HR Executive position and being responsible for the future organizational development.

Existing functions for Innovation (led by Zoran Davidovski), Lean Six Sigma, Industry 4.0 and Safety (headed by Roy Sibbald), Procurement (managed by Øyvind Seeberg) as well as for Digitalization and Customer Engagement (coordinated by Boris König) will support the Managing Board within the framework of an extended Management Committee.

We would all like to welcome Doris, Harald and Gerd at Pipelife and wish them all a lot of success in their new roles!

<strong>Doris Strohmaier</strong>, New COO Chief Operating Officer Central Europe and Balkans
Doris Strohmaier, New COO Chief Operating Officer Central Europe and Balkans
<strong>Harald Schwarzmayr</strong>, Chief Operational Officer Region North & Western Europe
Harald Schwarzmayr, Chief Operational Officer Region North & Western Europe
<strong>Gerd Franssens</strong>, Human Resources Manager
Gerd Franssens, Human Resources Manager