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Latest Innovations

The Pipelife Group is constantly developing its products.

Below you can find some of its latest product developments.

PVC-O Pipes 90mm - 400mm

There are many materials available to produce a pipe, each of them having their advantages and disadvantages. PVC is one of these and is around for decades. Used not only for the transport of rainwater, wastewater, drinking water but also for natural Gas. In the eighties it was discovered that stretching the - still warm - PVC improved the material characteristics: making the PVC stronger and improving impact resistance, allowing making pipes with thinner walls while maintaining the pressure class. Thinner walls lead to more flexibility, lower weight and less material needed. All this helps improving the strength and impact resistance of the pipes tremendously.
As these pipes have thinner walls, the effective inner diameter grows, setting it positively apart from other pipe materials like PE for example, while coming to par with PE as far as robustness is concerned. The more efficient use of material also makes this pipe very environmentally friendly, setting it apart from PE and especially ductile iron.
This PVC became known as Oriented PVC (PVC-O). In the early days, gas pipes were made out of this material, but it was eventually the drinking water and irrigation sector who embraced these PVC-O pipes.
Many European countries saw the many potentials of this pipe material. Pipelife Senior Management decided to invest in new production equipment allowing us to produce PVC-O pipes in the range 90mm - 400mm in several pressure classes.

Gas-Stop integrated in Polsafe Tee-Piece

In the Netherlands almost every household is connected to natural Gas. In the nineties the Polsafe system was introduced, a ground breaking range of fittings for the Low-Pressure Gas transport through PVC pipes. This solution was immediately embraced by the market and is by far the most popular and used solution in the market.
A typical house connection is made by placing a saddle on a PVC distribution line (200mbar), placing a tee piece onto the saddle and connecting the small diameter PE line which goes into the house. With the use of a special drill, the connection can be made on a PVC pipe under gas pressure.
Occasionally gas-pipes are getting damaged, resulting in a free flow of gas which can cause fire, explosions and life-threatening situations. Most of the damage is excavator damage. Protecting the PE lines close to the house by preventing the uncontrolled flow of gas improves the safety tremendously.
Almost 25 years ago, Pipelife Austria introduced the Gas-Stop, a small and clever device, preventing a free and uncontrolled flow of gas after a Gas-pipe is damaged. Recently we introduced a Pipelife Gas-Stop model suited to be placed in the Polsafe Tee-piece.
The advantages of this solution are many. Not only can this Gas-Stop module be placed into the Tee-piece in a matter of seconds, it can also be done with hardly any loss of Gas. No change in the safety and control procedures are necessary and literally the house connection line can be made safe in a matter of seconds, adding to the safety in the Dutch Gas network.

Sinking Ground Solution 2"- 4"

Many parts in the Netherlands are subject to sinking ground. Buildings are firmly build on piles, but the surrounding grounds can sink, sometimes up to centimetres per year. With the sinking of the ground, the infrastructure like wastewater pipes, drinking water pipes and gas pipes sink along with the ground, putting heavy stress on pipes and couplers over the years, especially at the point where pipes are attached to and enter the building.
This build-up of stress can cause pipes to break, which - especially for Gas - can lead to life-threatening situations. In order to prevent this build-up of stress, Pipelife has designed and produced a solution for this sinking ground problem. Via a 'telescope', this stress can no longer build-up in the pipe. This Sinking ground construction makes sure all the stress is led away from the pipe.
The solution allows up to 80cm of sinking ground before any stresses occur. Prior to reaching this point, the customer is informed via a cut-off in gas supply by the sinking ground construction, indicating the end of the stroke is near.
In the last two years this solution has been heavily tested and approved by both the Gas Approval body (KIWA GASTEC) as the Dutch leading authority on ground movement (Deltares).
This solution adds to the safety of the Dutch Gas network.

Geothermal systems DUETA and GEOLIFE

To enhance the use of renewable energy, we offer a broad range of geothermal solutions. With our vertical ground collectors, horizontal systems, baskets or spiral loops, we can provide the most suitable solution for any given circumstances. Under the name DUETA we offer a 40mm collector loop made of a PE 100 pipe with a wall thickness of 2.4mm, a butt-welded U-piece and an integrated weight. This system is primarily used in the Nordic markets. For Central and Eastern Europe, we offer our GEOLIFE solution, a 32mm collector loop comprised of a PE-RC pipe with a wall thickness of 3mm, a butt-welded U-piece and an external weight. Two of these collector loops can be connected to form a four pipe collector loop, as used in many countries.

Pragma® 1400mm

Pipelife has invested into a new production line, capable of producing waste- and rain water discharge pipes up to an inner diameter of 1,400mm, which provides sufficient flow capacity to reduce the risk of flooding and soil erosion significantly.

Halovolt Low Friction EMC

Electromagnetic radiation at a too high level is harmful to people, believe scientists. For this reason, Pipelife has created a new product: the Halovolt Low Friction EMC. This electrical installation pipe is intended to keep the emission of electromagnetic radiation to the immediate environment to a minimum. It is the new standard for both public and private buildings.


The STORMBOX is important for flood prevention and maintaining the run-off in urban areas where the storm water channels are already overflowing.

Pragma® ID

Pragma® is a state-of-the-art system of pipes, fittings and chambersfor external sewage systems. The components are made of top quality PP-b block polypropylene co-polymer.

Oil Separator

Pipelife's Oil Separators are designed to purify water from oil and sludge and are therefore a great solution to a cleaner and healthier world.


The Pipelife Stilla® is a sound absorbing PP HT soil system for indoor installations.