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18.5 km Expressway around Warsaw equal 30-km Pragma Pipe for Road Drainage

To bring traffic relief to Poland’s capital Warsaw and to provide safer and more efficient connections for both national and international transport, Poland is finalizing Warsaw's southern bypass. What is Pipelife’s role in the project? To increase road safety with a reliable stormwater drainage system.

Pipelife Heating System for 660 Low Energy Houses

Low energy, low CO2, but cosy temperatures await the future inhabitants of 660 A-rated houses in Glanmire, Ireland: In their new 2- to 4-bedroom homes, developed by the O’Flynn Group, Pipelife’s heating system comprising an air-to-water heat pump and underfloor heating will provide maximum comfort throughout all seasons.

New World Record with a 3.3 km LLLD Pipe Delivery to Malaysia

Pipelife has set a new solid world record at sea! For the delivery of 3.3 kilometers of long length large diameter (LLLD) HDPE pipes from Stathelle in Norway to a powerplant in Malaysia, Pipelife Norway outdid its last world record in 2016 and almost doubled the boat tow to 27,720 km. This achievement is worth an entry in the Guinness World Records book.

Rørdagene 2019: Green Growth and Environmental Issues in Focus at the Pipe Days Conference in Norway

Fourth time in a row at the annual Pipe Days conference in Norway Pipelife invited professionals from across the whole industry and value chain to discuss the most important issues and topics from the industry.

The Power of Cooperation

“Thanks to this collaboration the entire project has been optimized," says Ralph Hoogerwerf from the wholesaler Joosten Kunststoffen. “[Pipelife] is a reliable partner. Quality is of paramount importance (...) and Pipelife can definitely meet our quality demands!”

The Ocean Cleanup has started!

Pipelife is a proud partner of The Ocean Cleanup. A foundation that develops technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic.

Project "New Village Hoef and Haag" in the Netherlands

A completely new village is being built between Vianen and Hagestein in the Netherlands and Pipelife Netherlands supplies the materials for the sewer system!

That was IFAT 2018!

Once again, the IFAT 2018 has proven that it fully meets all international demands and has been able to impress the professional world with its many inspiring and remarkable innovations!

Visit Pipelife at IFAT 2018, Munich

At the world‘s leading fair for environmental technology, Pipelife will present the newest possibilities for rainwater usage – the Pipelife Raineo System.

Pipelife BIM Dating Event – a marvelous feat for all who took part!

The first of its kind “Open your mind with BIM” event was a smashing success! Pipelife in collaboration with our partner company Itannex, as well as an impressive array of leading industry experts, brought together management and board members, as well as the BIM users themselves - designers, planners and engineers - from the installation sector, and facilitated plentiful stimulating discussions and an exchange of staggering BIM-themed insights. Don't miss to learn more about this unique event here! Video included.