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Three 350-m-long, large diameter HDPE Pipes travel the Atlantic to be sunk in the Caribbean

Pipelife delivers marine cooling water intake and outlet for Dominican Republic’s new 770 MW coal-fired power plant.

200 years of success - time to celebrate!

Pipelife is proud to be part of the Wienerberger Group. And last week, our mother company Wienerberger AG threw a festive event.

Safer gas supply with Gas-Stop™

Gas suppliers in more than 40 countries around the world have opted for Gas-Stop™, an excess flow valve. Why? To prevent uncontrolled gas leakage, thus avoiding extensive repairs in public and, most importantly, to eliminate personal or property damage.

10 reasons for choosing composite covers and grates

Composite GRP Covers and Grates for manholes and inspection chambers are becoming more and more popular. We have scrutinized their increasing popularity and have tested them for you. Here is our conclusion.

In Control of Living Comfort

In building construction, contractors are sometimes confronted with challenges in finding appropriate product solutions that meet clients’ expectations. Párizsi Udvar is an excellent example how supplier service, proximity and flexibility from start can help overcome such challenges.

Wooden pipeline replaced with a tailored Pipelife Pragma Solution

To safeguard its alternative process water supply, Hydro Sunndal aluminum plant and Pipelife put their heads together to find a tailored solution for replacing a 64 year-old wooden water pipe.

1.8 km Pragma Infiltration Pipes for Road Drainage in the Netherlands

Pipelife is involved in the construction of the "Second access road" for Hoek van Holland, the H6 road, together with Joosten Kunststoffen BV. Pragma Infiltration Pipes covered in textile are installed for stormwater drainage along the newly constructed H6 road between the Hoeksebaan and the Hoek van Holland Haven station area.

18.5 km Expressway around Warsaw equal 30-km Pragma Pipe for Road Drainage

To bring traffic relief to Poland’s capital Warsaw and to provide safer and more efficient connections for both national and international transport, Poland is finalizing Warsaw's southern bypass. What is Pipelife’s role in the project? To increase road safety with a reliable stormwater drainage system.

Pipelife Heating System for 660 Low Energy Houses

Low energy, low CO2, but cosy temperatures await the future inhabitants of 660 A-rated houses in Glanmire, Ireland: In their new 2- to 4-bedroom homes, developed by the O’Flynn Group, Pipelife’s heating system comprising an air-to-water heat pump and underfloor heating will provide maximum comfort throughout all seasons.

New World Record with a 3.3 km LLLD Pipe Delivery to Malaysia

Pipelife has set a new solid world record at sea! For the delivery of 3.3 kilometers of long length large diameter (LLLD) HDPE pipes from Stathelle in Norway to a powerplant in Malaysia, Pipelife Norway outdid its last world record in 2016 and almost doubled the boat tow to 27,720 km. This achievement is worth an entry in the Guinness World Records book.