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Smart Probe - a futureproof gamechanger for water utilities

Developed in close cooperation with water utilities, Smart Probe tackles common challenges in water sensoring. The days of blind spots in potable water networks may soon be over and network as well as water safety can be further increased.

Drip irrigation provides longterm food security

With water resources becoming scarce and irrigated agriculture being the the largest consumer of water, there is only one way we can ensure food security: hi-tech irrigation.

UK sets on biomethane production for a greener gas mix

Supporting the trend among farmers to invest in digesters to produce biomethane from food or crop waste and manure, SoluForce offers the necessary safe and economically viable infrastructure.

Pipelife Solutions for Hungarian epidemic diseases container hospital

Kiskunhalas mobile hospital was set up to cover the increased capacity needs due to the Covid19 pandemic. Pipelife water supply, distribution and sewage discharge systems provide for safety and hygiene.

Trenchless technologies for potable water supply - "We dig no-dig with coated PE Pipes"

The increasing number of underground supply and discharge lines, but also building structures or water bodies, make trenching difficult, very costly or even impossible. For these or similar scenarios, trenchless installation methods are a perfect low impact solution.

A Greek pipedream come true: Pipelife connects Aegina Island to mainland water supply

Up to -94 meters below sea level, 14.8-km-long underwater PE 100 Potable Water Pipe will finally connect Aegina Island to EYDAP public water supply network via Salamina.

Pipelife is global pioneer in automated 3D printing: a safety and engineering upgrade

Storm- and wastewater infrastructures are receiving a significant upgrade while safety in production is increased thanks to Pipelife’s unique and novel application of high-precision production.

Drip irrigation ensures sustainable water management and food resilience in Azerbaijan

With crop growth safety and yield optimization in mind, a large-scale food producer in Azerbaijan invested in precision irrigation solutions. Pipelife designed, produced, and delivered complete drip irrigation systems from source to plant within a month.

Russia speedily builds new hospital for Corona patients

Within a few weeks only, the treatment facility built on 70,000 square meters, will be able to accommodate 500 patients. Safe and reliable wastewater discharge is ensured with Pipelife's Pragma Pipes.

Pipelife Norway announces uninterrupted supply

All necessary precautions to ensure employees’ health and safety have been taken. “Production is running as usual and we are keeping things well under control, says Sigmund Aandstad, General Manager of Pipelife Norway.”