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Book celebrates 60 years of Dutch Pipelife

Enkhuizen. Diamonds may be forever but instead of the sparkling gems, Pipelife in The Netherlands has published a book to celebrate their sixty years anniversary of plastic pipe making. It is an interesting book and it tells an interesting story.

The Dutch company owes it existence to Simon Rollema, a dental technician and inventor who in 1947 experimented with the production of plastic pipes for electrical wires. His endeavours were successful and the firm that he founded was called Polva. The anniversary publication is aptly called: 60 years – Pipes for Life: From Polva to Pipelife.

Jan Bening, Commercial Director for the Dutch Pipelife explains: “The book not only traces our past through events and interviews with some of the people who shaped our company but also gives an overview of our exciting present. Infiltration crates for example, get a good mention as well as many other innovative activities that have taken place through the last years. But it is the human story that we wanted to tell – the characters, the anecdotes, just the everyday ups and downs of company life.”

Among the many historical photos, one particular image that leaps off the page is that of an elephant testing a length of Soluforce pipe. “We are sending the book out to all our stakeholders and that includes our most important people: our customers and employees! The book may not be as extravagant as those shining gems, but the stories it tells will still bring a sparkle to their eyes.”

For further information please contact:
Jan Bening
Pipelife Nederland B.V.