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Pro LVI-medal awarded to Pipelife’s MD in Finland

The Board of Finnish Pipetraders Association* has awarded Kimmo Kedonpää, Managing Director of Pipelife Finland, with the Pro LVI-medal 2009 on 10.12.2009.

The Pro LVI-medal is awarded to a person or association who, according to common understanding, has worked for best interest for Heating, Plumbing and Air Condition branch with an especial commitment and superior effort. According to these criteria Kimmo Kedonpää has for years brought his significant input into overall development of the branch and its recognition and with his exceptional skills has built trust among all stakeholders.

The nomination committee does mention that Kedonpää is highly respected not only among his colleagues but also among own personnel. He is known to be a good organizer and demanding but supporting leader.

* The Finnish Pipetrader’s Association is an association of major wholesalers operating in Heating, Plumbing and Air Condition sector. Members are Ahlsell, LVI-Dahl, Onninen and Kesko who do cover more than 90 % of Finnish wholesaler markets in this sector.