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Top Ideas from the Top of Europe

Oulu, Finland. Companies thrive by creating ideas and putting them in to practice. Pipelife continuously encourages the involvement of its employees in this process and response has been significant. Top of the company-wide league are its employees in Finland who have generated over 3,200 ideas within the last three years.

The Finnish people are known for their creative minds. Celebrated Finns such as Sibelius have achieved world acclaim through the expression of their imagination. But according to Kimmo Kedonpaa, Managing Director of Pipelife in Finland, we do not have to be famous to think outside of the box. We can all participate.

“Most companies use an Idea Box and some sort of reward scheme to encourage participation. We wanted to go further than this,” says Kedonpaa. "Whereas we needed all these Idea Boxes as a communication medium, we felt the human brain box was more productive. We wanted something more motivational. You can only do that through involving people and letting them experience the fascination and enjoyment of doing things in a different way.”

"A multidiscipline campaign team was set up to interview, push, motivate and promote. Team white boards were crammed with feedback and all the word associations that make it possible to keep a concept alive however crazy or impractical it may seem.”

“The flow and take-up of ideas have been phenomenal and embrace many work areas of commercial and industrial life. Very good ideas have been prompted for cost cutting, production, working climate, social life and even recycling and environment.” 

Kedonpaa says that the brainstorming never stops. "It used to be the boss that decided on the usefulness of ideas. But now we have created a new culture. This process is carried out by a larger forum. We no longer have to ask people to think outside the box. There is no box! Our innovativeness is like our strategy. Don’t ask for a written description for all of this. Just come and see how we act in our daily life. There you see our innovation and strategy in action. It is the way we live!” 

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