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Poland powers up for larger diameter fittings

Kartoszyno. Market demand for sewer products in Poland is such that Pipelife Polska recently took delivery of what amounts to the largest injection moulding machine within the Group.

While producing its fittings, this giant machine (4,240 x 15,332 x 8,000mm) packs a clamping force of 2,000 tons (20,000kN) and weighs 136 tons! Michal Mierzejewski, Marketing manager of the firm is delighted with the new production asset. “It means we can make large diameter fittings for OD 630 and even ID 600 - 800 mm.
Throughout Poland, our city and rural sewer networks are being steadily renovated or replaced. With this added capacity, our supply chain will be all the more efficient and cost effective.”

Called DUO 35050/2000, the machine made by Engel in Austria and is capable of turning out fittings with a maximum weight of 12.5 Kg. In addition to speed, the equipment incorporates a high level of quality, safety and energy efficiency in its design. A useful accessory is a high speed robotic arm that removes fittings as soon as they are ready and stacks them on pallets.

Commissioning of the machine was successful and now Engel DUO 35050/2000 is working 24/7.

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