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Low energy entry for "Most Beautiful House"

Zagreb. One of the entries to ‘The Most Beautiful House in Croatia’ competition will be completely fitted out with leading edge products from Pipelife. This one family house in the historical city of Karlovac in central Croatia has been designed by Andreja Ilijanic. Her desire to create a low energy environment has been completely fulfilled.

For instance, a heat pump will circulate water from an underground geothermal collector and thereby secure a supply of low cost hot water. This system and the Radopress pipes that circulate hot water for central heating were entirely supplied by Pipelife Croatia.

But it is the unique wastewater system that is expected to attract competition interest. In rural areas, domestic waste is usually discharged directly into the soil where it pollutes and may endanger public health. However, this Croatian house has been equipped with a Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR).

This SBR is a polypropylene septic tank comprising two compartments which together provide a total capacity of five cubic metres. It collects domestic waste water in the first section to allow non-solvable particles to settle down. Water is then transported to the second compartment while the residue remains in the first. As soon as the water in the second compartment has been processed through natural aeration, it is pumped out as clean water. This water complies with various European quality standards and will be used eventually for hosing the lawn or other purposes.

Energy cost of this system (270 kWh) is minimal and equivalent to that of a standard refrigerator. A microprocessor unit installed in the house basement controls and manages the entire system. It tracks the complete operation and logs the information over a one year period. The plant is also equipped with a phosphorus removal dosing pump and the electronics to generate SMS alerts.

European showcase

Many other products have been integrated within and around this special house. Drinking water will be piped to the taps via the firm’s PPR AQUAPRO. Ergonomically designed siphons will harvest rainwater and deliver their catch to the professional and silent Master 3 drainage pipe system.

Soil & Waste plumbing to connect bathrooms with the SBR is provided by the firm’s HT (high temperature) range. PVC pipes and fittings have been used to connect to external sewer mains. Inspection for maintenance of these connections will be facilitated with
630 mm PRO inspection chambers. The complete sewer network has therefore been assembled from lightweight and portable elements that required no heavy lifting equipment.

It will be some time before the winning entry of the ‘Most beautiful House in Croatia’ is known. Whatever the outcome, this inspired work of architect Andreja Ilijanic will serve as a European showcase for sustainable building design.

For more information please contact Marinko Jakin.