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Poland to slow the flow of Rainwater

Kartoszyno, Poland. Pipelife in Poland is launching a strong modular system on the European market that will mitigate the effects of flash floods. Called STORMBOX, it harvests rainwater collected from urbanised areas and releases it at rates that reflect a more natural flow.

STORMBOX is made from injection-moulded polypropylene (PP-B) and measures 1,200 mm (length) x 300 mm (height) x 600 mm (width). Each unit is produced in a lattice structure and complete installations can be assembled easily.

Karol Marzejon, Group ECO product manager is delighted with the design of the new product. “Persistent rainfall can leave a path of destruction through flooding, land subsidence and overloading of sewers. However, this retention/detention unit has been designed from high performance material that is environmentally friendly. Its weight to volume ratio is extremely low and yet it is the strongest unit on the market that can be inspected. Moreover, it has a net capacity of 206 litres of usable volume.”

“Our secret behind making a unit with an extremely low weight per volume lies in the optimization of what is called the Finite-Element-Method (FEM). FEM is a numerical technique by which design variants can be speedily and economically analysed.
This low weight means that the unit can be handled with ease and because it is a modular system, it can be quickly stacked with ground plates and clips.”

The STORMBOX was originally designed by Pipelife in The Netherlands. It may be used for houses, buildings, residential areas, terraces, parking lots, football stadiums – anywhere that needs flood prevention and/or water infiltration. Recent projects have included a football pitch in Szczecin and a sewage treatment plant near Warsaw. The company is currently supplying almost 2000 units for a large road drainage facility in Pelplin.

An assortment of PVC pipes and fittings is available for gradually conveying the collected water to the mains drainage system. When wrapped in waterproof polyethylene, the STORMBOX converts to an ideal retention box.

Once underground, the STORMBOX requires minimal maintenance and may be easily cleaned. Given that the water that has been harvested from rainwater, it is important that it is as clean as possible at source. Properly constructed and maintained storm water devices together with oil and grease interceptors can redirect sediments and contaminants. STORMBOX provides an effective and economical way to solve these problems.

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