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World Water Day on March 22, 2010

We are all concerned about water stress and the possible conflicts that may arise. Water is precious and the task of sharing know-how in the field of plastic pipe technology is an important key to manage this vital resource.

This technology is already making a difference to people all over the world in rural and urban communities. For example, we produce large diameter pipes in Norway and then tow them by sea to distant lands. Once at their port of destination, they provide essential services such as the supply of running water, sanitation and drainage. They are also used by coastal desalination plants to turn salt water into drinking water. These pipes not only defy corrosion but also last for many generations.

It seems that we are all touched in some way by the adversity of climate change. Intermittent rainfall and drought are closer to home than ever. And in some parts of the world, crop failure, famine and erosion have become a common human experience. By working closely with overseas development agencies, we have facilitated many projects that supply rural and urban communities with modern gas, water, sewer, drainage and communication services.

We supply pipe systems to collect, store and distribute rainfall efficiently to where and when it is needed most. From domestic and commercial roof tops to underground infiltration systems, their ability to harvest rainwater is crucial. Erosion is minimized and the effects of flooding are contained.

Almost 60% of the world’s freshwater resources are directed towards agriculture.Water scarcity requires that only the most efficient methods of irrigation are used. Our micro-duct, sprinkler and drainage systems are therefore helping to fulfill farming and horticultural needs precisely.

However, all this involvement with the careful use water starts at home. That is why continuous audits are undertaken at every company location to ensure that water is spared in the most economical way. These checks and balances are part of a larger company wide environmental management program that has generated other significant benefits in the field of material recycling, energy and environmental compliance.

Although buried and out of sight, our plastic pipes continue to enhance our daily lives and sustain the environment upon which we depend. The challenge is to put them to work for all people and for wherever water flows.

Pipelife Water Project in East Timor

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