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Fork Lift Truck Competition 2010

For the fourth time International Fork Lift Truck Competition took place. This time it was held in Aschaffenburg, Germany, from September 23 till 25. The competition is meant to sensitize for safety requirements while steering fork lifts. Under the motto of safety the organizer, Linde Material Handling, established this competition.

After having the local national fork lift championship, 10 European countries sent their top three winners to Aschaffenburg to compete in the International Team Championship. The Hungarian team, with one of Pipelife Hungary’s employees participating, achieved to win the 3rd place.

After winning the Hungarian championship (110 participants), János Patalenski and the local second and third place winner, competed as a team and also won the next round of the championship, the Austrian competition.

The only requirement for participation is that competitors have a valid forklift operator's license – otherwise experience, instinct, and speed are the skills that really count. Nearly 10,000 spectators watched the competition on Aschaffenburg’s Schlossplatz.

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