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Pipelife Finland – A "Great Place to Work"

Pipelife Finland finished 3rd best place to work in Finland ( in 2010 3rd ) and 23rd best in Europe ( in 2010 25th ) in the Great Place to Work study. Pipelife was the highest ranked manufacturing company in both lists, actually the only manufacturing company in Finnish published Top 30.

The Great Place to Work study evaluates companies in five Leadership issues: Credibility, Respect, Fairness, Pride and Camaraderie.  All the employees give their evaluation by answering given questions. 2/3 of the “points” are given based on these answers and 1/3 is based on written application where the management describes the procedures and practices followed in the company. This year, 1,380 companies participated in the study, representing more than 1.5 million employees, making it the largest study of its kind.
Listening. The award recognizes a company that excels in involving employees in the decision-making process. Such a company has outstanding practices for soliciting, listening to, and collecting employees’ suggestions and feedback. Moreover, management makes themselves accessible in multiple ways to encourage questions, comments, and criticisms from employees.
Pipelife Finland was the first Finnish company ever receiving one of the available 5 special awards which are  Caring, Developing, Inspiring, Listening and Speaking . Runner-up’s in “Listening” category were Microsoft (Italy) and Topaz Energy (Ireland.) In their evaluation the nominee committee described Pipelife Finland as follows : Pipelife (Finland) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic pipe systems, as well as a Finnish “Top 10 Best Company” for the third consecutive year. “Listening” is fully integrated into Pipelife corporate values, creating a unique culture where all upper management demonstrate an exceptional commitment to listening to the needs and suggestions of their frontline employees.

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