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Pipelife Austria’s General Manager honored for years of merits

Karl Aigner ÖVGW Honorary Member

As part of the General Assembly of the ÖVGW (Austrian Association for Gas and Water) on 25 May 2011 at the Austria Center Vienna, Pipelife Austria’s General Manager Karl Aigner was awarded an honorary membership.

The ÖVGW is an independent community of interests of the natural gas network operators, water companies and manufacturers of products for these applications and sees its mission in support of the gas and water in scientific, technical, economic and legal relationship. In technical terms, the association aims to promote a secure gas supply and a sustainable supply of the population with safe drinking water. Furthermore, technical regulations for gas and water are created, based on the latest findings and represent the state-of-the-art.

In the last 12 years Karl Aigner was the chairman of the Technical Committee FIWA (company in the water sector) whose aim is to ensure the quality and security of a company-neutral supply of drinking water. "In this role, Karl Aigner very much committed to the concerns of the companies in the water sector and was very active in the reform process of the ÖVGW. It is also thanks to him that the exhibition at the annual event "Gas Water Congress and Exhibition" has gained in quality, "said ÖVGW president Wolfgang Malik as part of the ceremony.
Karl Aigner, GM Pipelife Austria