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Pipelife’s new HVAC calculation program “PLANPIPE”

Over the last one and a half years, Pipelife has extensively worked on developing a sophisticated calculation software, named “PLANPIPE”.  After an intensive period of testing, Pipelife can announce its successful implementation.

The software provides a new HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) designing tool that is based on AutoCAD which is one of the most important and commonly used drawing engines. The main driving idea was to simplify the work of the designers, by providing a tool that can substitute the separate use of different complicated drawing and calculating programs.

PLANPIPE covers the all the relevant calculation features and due to the integration into AutoCAD there is no need to invest time to study a new graphical engine.

After the short installation process the program is ready to be used. On the first AutoCAD start up, new PLANPIPE icons will automatically appear on the screen. By clicking these icons, all the drawing and calculation functions of the software can be accessed. An extensive technical database, covering all of Pipelife’s HVAC related products, provides all the necessary product and calculation data.

The installation of PLANPIPE does not change the existing customized settings and commands in AutoCAD and it can therefore be used as before the SW installation, which is also a big benefit for the users. No need to reconfigure their system.

PLANPIPE features and calculation models
•    heat loss calculation for complete buildings according to EN standards
•    drawings of radiator/conventional heating and floor heating systems in 3D
•    drawings sanitary water systems in 3D
•    drawings soil systems in 3D
•    hydraulic sizing of all systems mentioned above, according to EN standards
•    automatically generated labeling for all of the systems
•    material scheduling, product list output and documentation of hydraulic calculations
•    generating vertical plans

PLANPIPE is already available in different languages: EN, HU, CZ, SK, PL, BG, HR. The localized versions are adjusted to meet the local requirements and norms. The software is used internally in Pipelife’s design department, as well as provided to designers.

Examples of the functionality can be found on YouTube, searching for “Planpipe”.

For more details please contact Pipelife International, Oliver Bannert, International Product Manager In-House,