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Ten million meters of Radopress multi-layer aluminum pipes

Pipelife is proud to announce that on February 21st, 2012, the 10th million meter of multi-layer pipe has left Pipelife Hungary’s production hall.

Since the first pipe has been produced in spring 2009, the manufacturing process – especially due to the effort of the respective production staff in Hungary to fine-tune the brand new equipment – has become extremely stable, with hardly any break downs or unplanned stops. The amount of scrap could from the very beginning be kept to a minimum level, which for a newcomer in that production segment is a very respectable achievement.

The dimensional variety of the own produced pipes ranging from diameter 16 up to 32, in both PE-X and PE-RT for various application purposes (floor-, wall- and radiator heating, sanitary) together with the excellent product quality, produced according to EN ISO 21003 with constant quality control, makes the Pipelife Radopress system first choice for a lot of installers and designers across Europe. The extremely low number of customer claims received in the first three years of production serves as another evidence for the outstanding quality and reliability of the Radopress system.

10.000.000 meters of produced pipes …. nice, but not enough!! Despite difficult markets, Pipelife is optimistic to double this number in significantly shorter period than the next three years.

Pipelife Hungary is the production center for Pipelife’s multi-layer pipes, called Radopress. The Radopress system, however, does not only consist of the pipes, but certainly also contains fittings, accessories, planning services and technical consulting.
Production Manager Miklos Kurgyis taking off the 10th million meter of Radopress pipe off the coiler