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Simple ways of becoming greener: New lights to save energy

Pipelife Hungária as member of the Pipelife Group is commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. Apart from producing environmentally friendly products and limiting waste as much as possible, Pipelife Hungária also takes constant care to use energy efficiently. These aspects have been taken into account when the lighting system of the polyethylene production hall has been modernized last year.

As artificial light in the production hall has to be used 24/7, the decision of the lighting medium was very important. Cost of lighting is a significant part of the electric energy cost in the production hall, so - taking into consideration the safety requirements – Pipelife especially looked for a reasonable and cost effective solution, thus reducing energy consumption. 

An important measure of value of a lighting system is how much lux the light source gives from a unit of electric energy. In case of traditional light sources this number is relatively low, but in case of more modern light sources this figure is significantly higher.

Taking all these aspects into consideration Pipelife Hungária installed a modern, safe and durable lighting system. During the installation 120 pcs luminaries have been replaced, and by this 84.000 kWh energy per year will be saved, which represents a payback time of only 2,3 years.

The investment fulfilled Pipelife’s expectations from the point of view of energy savings and ergonomics so Pipelife Hungária plans to modernize the lighting system in the PVC hall in the same way this year.
Production hall lighting before and after modernization