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Pipelife's new Product: Halovolt Low Friction EMC

Increasingly, people are consciously opting for a healthy lifestyle. People want to limit the harmful effects of the things around them as much as possible. Besides wanting clean air and healthy food, people also want to live and work in a low-radiation living and working environment. Pipelife serves this need perfectly with an important new innovation.

Electromagnetic radiation at a too high level is harmful to people, believe scientists. For this reason, Pipelife has created a new product: the Halovolt Low Friction EMC. This electrical installation pipe is intended to keep the emission of electromagnetic radiation to the immediate environment to a minimum. It is the new standard for both public and private buildings.

The new Halovolt Low Friction EMC pipe is available in 16mm and 20mm (5/8” and 3/4” Dutch market).

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