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Biggest Soluforce Order

Pipelife’s Soluforce division is pleased to announce the receipt of its biggest order in its history. The involved product, Soluforce Heavy, is the premium product of the Soluforce range and also the connections made by Duplex steel fittings have their good share in the sales turnover.

Soluforce Heavy is a steel wire reinforced pipe specially developed for very high pressure (saline) water injection. It is corrosion resistant and withstands (strong) inorganic acids like hydrogen chloride, sulfuric acid and alkaline materials such as sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide and ammonia solutions.

In the month of October the pipe order of 27km, worth 7.25 mEUR, was received from Shell, who plans to use the Soluforce heavy pipe system for one of their onshore operations in which the pipeline will carry water at high pressure.

The design pressure of the system to be installed is 120 bars, so Soluforce Heavy RTP - which can be safely used at pressures of up to 150 bars – is the perfect choice, also due to the fact that the chemical analysis of the water showed some corrosive elements. Because of this, the sewage fitting system was chosen to be Duplex stainless steel.

The pipeline will be produced by Pipelife Nederland B.V. in January and February 2013 and will be installed on site during the months of spring. Shell has informed Soluforce that other projects of similar magnitude are in the planning stage and Pipelife is looking forward to further cooperation.