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"Pipelife in your Life" Award goes to SolVin

On the first of July, the Vice President Marketing & Innovation of the Pipelife Group, Zoran Davidovski, handed over a 4.000 € cheque to Adolf Seidl, SOLVIN Sales & Marketing Manager Central Europe, for the best external idea submitted to Pipelife’s innovation campaign. The money has been donated to the aid organization “En avant les enfants” in Belgium.

For Pipelife, innovation is major important to stay one step ahead of the competition and to keep its position of one of Europe’s leading companies in the production and sales of plastics pipes, fittings and accompanying specialties. Pipelife is aware that great ideas should not only come from their own people, but also from their suppliers, customers, and other relations like institutes and universities.

Therefore, starting already in 2007, Pipelife decided to initiate “Pipelife in your Life”, an innovation campaign which invited internal as well as external participants to submit ideas in the following categories: products, (production-) processes, logistics/packaging, services or software. All ideas had to have a relation to the Pipelife businesses and were presented to a jury after the completion of the campaign by mid of 2008.

After the evaluation it was decided that the award for the best external idea goes to SolVin, for their revolutionary idea to produce a very light, but extremely stiff PVC pipe suitable for drainage and large diameter sewage pipes. Adolf Seidl, SOLVIN Sales & Marketing Manager Central Europe, accepted the prize from Zoran Davidovski, Vice President Innovation & Marketing at Pipelife International, and noticed: “It fills us with pleasure to see that our excellent cooperation in the field of Research & Marketing has led, among other things, to such a great result”.

The prize of 4.000 Euro will be donated to the aid organization “En avant les enfants”, a Belgian non-profit organization which takes action for the impoverished children in Africa.