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Pipelife Finland - An excellent place to work

Leadership through values brought success - also a production organisation can be an excellent place to work!

On February 4th, 2009 the best places to work were selected by the “Great Place to Work Institution Finland” already for the 7th time. Among the most successful companies was also Pipelife Finland.

Pipelife Finland Oy succeeded to achieve the highest rank among all production companies at the first attempt in this competition. Pipelife Finland Oy achieved the 11th place in the category of 50-500 employees. The company showed that if the organisation and management is willing to invest in people success is possible.

According to Asta Rossi, CEO of the “Great Place to Work Institution Finland”, was the listing of the year 2009 the toughest of all past seven times. Even with the significant challenges Kimmo Kedonpää, MD of Pipelife Finland Oy, is looking forward towards the future with confidence. “We knew from the beginning that the opportunities for production companies are scarcer than for smaller, more unified companies to be nominated as the best place to work. We took part since we wanted to know and to test where we stand at the moment on our path to becoming The Best Place to Work in the World”, states Kimmo with pride in his voice.

Pipelife Finland Oy produces soil, sewage, heating, water and cable protection pipes as well as pumping stations, chambers and sewage water treatment systems. The production facilities are located in Utajärvi, Ii and Joensuu in Finland and in Haaparanta in Sweden. The Ii facility was excluded on the research due the company culture uniformation process. The company employs 120 people.

Pipelife Finland Oy is one of the most successful actors in the Finnish plastic piping business. The success in economical, customer satisfaction and labour force satisfaction terms is achieved through focusing on leadership and value management. The company focuses on an active cooperation with its partners in logistics, installations, designs, resell and after sales services. “Pipelife Finland is managed through commonly acknowledged, shared values that encourage taking individual responsibility and aiming tasks at work to be fun. We have a one core strategy – Keep The Promise”, reveals MD Kimmo Kedonpää.

The award is distributed annually by the “Great Place to Work Institute Finland”. The nominated companies are selected by an opinion survey among the personnel as well as the professional evaluation of the management procedures utilised in the company. Based on the research method, only companies that are trustworthy and objectively successful are selected. The Personnel survey attempts to measure credibility, respect, integrity, pride and common spirit among the company. The research method has originally been developed in United States by the “Great Place to Work Institute” during the last 25 years. The method is the most widely expanded labour force research design adapted globally to over 10 million people.