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Hungarian Product Quality Award

Congratulations to Pipelife Hungary for being awarded the „Hungarian Product Quality Award” for their RADOPRESS product range for Hot&Cold sanitary and heating/cooling installations. The „Hungarian Product Quality Award” is handed to companies offering products and services that represent a high level of innovation and export activity, and by this found a solid base for creating jobs. On the photo you see Miklós Rasovszky, General Manager of Pipelife Hungary, taking over the award on September 3rd, 2014.


In total 66 companies have been awarded whereat all winner have received the right of free usage of the Hungarian Trade Quality Product Trade mark. Additionally Pipelife Hungary received a special award from the co-award founder Terc Kft.


As core product of the Radopress product group, multilayer pipes have been produced in Pipelife’s Debrecen plant since 2008. For this product this is the only production site not only in Hungary but in the entire Middle Eastern European region. Due to the world-class production technology more than 32 million meters have been produced so far of which half has been sold domestically and the other half exported to foreign countries.


Radopress products are used for pipe systems inside the building, like  radiator heating, potable water and  - as nowadays more and more popular environmentally concious solution – surface heating/cooling.