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More lines for Smartline

Surnadal. Pipelife Norway has recently increased production capacity of its SMARTLINE system of fittings. During 2008, this unique Soil & Waste pipe system captured a fifty percent share of the local market. Greater capacity will now enable the firm to expand the system’s product range and repeat its success in other Northern European countries.

As its name suggests, the principle benefits of using SMARTLINE lie in the field of aesthetics and functionality. Its attractive chrome-plated finish means that installers need no longer conceal these kinds of pipes behind void panelling, coves, raised floors or even floating ceilings. Kjell Larsen, General Manager of Pipelife Norway is delighted with the prospects that the new machines will create. “The complete SMARTLINE production facility represents one of the largest investment projects in the Pipelife Group.”

“Reactions from bathroom designers in particular and the building sector in general have been extremely positive. Why conceal what SMARTLINE can now reveal? We have therefore been prompted to add larger diameters of 75mm and 110mm to the current 40mm and 50mm.”

Given the slow down in the building sector and its inevitable focus on functionality, how important are aesthetics? Larsen has other ideas. “SMARTLINE has form and function. It not only has glamour but also requires fewer components for assembly. Furthermore, installation is quicker and there is less wastage. Our customers are actually perceiving and appreciating these practical cost advantages. They clearly represent an appealing edge during a difficult economic period.”

In addition to aiming for even a larger slice of the Norwegian Soil & Waste pipe market, the firm will be launching the product in other Northern European countries. “With additional manufacturing lines devoted to the production of SMARTLINE, we are convinced that we shall be able to secure added benefits throughout the entire value chain.”