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Unique fittings covering all angles

Surnadal. A completely unique design of angle bend for polypropylene pipes will shortly go into production at Pipelife’s Surnadal factory in Norway. The firm announces that the new fitting will facilitate installation techniques as well as improve production, warehousing and transport methods.

Angle bends for large diameter pipes are hand-made in the factory through the hot forming process. Per Holten, Project leader for R&D in Norway explains: “Whereas the new injection-molded fitting will be more economical to produce, its main benefit will be realized during the installation phase.”

“Our multi angle fitting is made in two parts with one inner bent section that slides into an outer section – following the same principle as a telescope. Both sections have ordinary sockets for connecting to straight pipes. Adjustments to the angle of bend can therefore be made in two ways. Smaller adjustments for example, can be achieved by just pulling the inner section out a little. This allows for an accommodation of 7.5 degrees on either side of the bend.”

“For larger adjustments, the inner section can be cut to length and hence the appropriate angle. The whole fitting has a nominal radius of 600 mm.”

“This means that only one universal fitting needs to be ordered. The installer can choose the precise angle bend to suit the exact situation. For a 110 mm diameter pipe, angle bends of 15º to 52.5º are therefore
possible through one fitting.”

Sealing rings ensure a tight fit and the product has already been tested and certified by all the relevant Scandinavian authorities. Per Holten says that having only one size of fitting will simplify production logistics, warehousing stocking and transport. “From now on, there will be no more odd objects to order, move and freight. And when the angle bends reach their destination, they will fit the local requirements on the ground - and under the ground!”

Distinction with a difference

Winning ideas deserve recognition and last year, Per Holten was awarded first place in Pipelife’s Innovation Drive for his unique fitting.

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