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Great Place to Work - Pipelife Finland

Pipelife Finland was selected the second best place to work in Finland’s “Great Place to Work 2015” among the mid-size companies, employing 50 – 499 people. Pipelife Finland was the only production company among the top 10 best companies, the others being mainly IT consulting, Design, Biotechnology and service companies. The competition was again fierce and as winner was selected Vincit Oy.

Pipelife Finland has participated GPTW competition already six times and gained TOP 5 positions in the GPTW ranking from earlier years. The Current position is the best so far and 2011 Pipelife was chosen as best in employee involvement/listening in Europe.

How Pipelife Finland did it?

The success in the “Great Place to Work 2015” ranking is gained in utilisation of relative simple strategic actions that every member of Pipelife family is taking apart. “Behind the success are systematic programs of listening and employee involvement and development. Also the driving force of the development in Pipelife Finland is individuality and work wellbeing which is also acknowledged on an individual level. Each individual is a member of the Pipelife family and responsible also for the wellbeing of the others”, states CEO Kimmo Kedonpää.

The consistent high ranking is a result of a long-term process. The systematic development towards world greatest workplace have been initiated in 2002 and is supported by several internal development programs. The Pipelife spirit is created through profound development programs like "Leadership on tour" (since 2006), “Young Leaders” (since 2008), "LifeFit" (lifestyle renovation program launched in 2009), or "Oivallus" (“Insight” program since 2006 and the Finnish equivalent for Eureka).

These programs are simple, easy to implement but yield high results. For example within the “Oivallus”- program Pipelife Finland has implemented over 11.000 development and improvement ideas since 2006. Oivallus ideas have been used for developing our operations in every organisational level. The motivational factor is rather obvious as the source of these improvement ideas has been all members of the Pipelife community - from the factory floor to the top management.

“The vision of the future is clear for us: We want to be the Best Place to Work in the whole World" emphasizes CEO Kimmo Kedonpää. “However, the most important issue for us is not achieving this target, it is our ability to ‘enjoy the journey’ and have FUN! Each Individual is the driving force in this success. It is all about people and therefore it is all about leadership!  A human being is willing and able to motivate him/herself when he/she has enough influence over his/her daily work assignments and responsibilities in order to take care of his duties; our daily work is guided by our values as well in customer relations as in our internal relationships within Pipelife. We do focus on maintaining the trust and keeping our promises, and we also help each other, in every occasion, moment by moment, day by day. We appreciate and respect diversity, individuality and the strength that they bring to our community when combined with the desire to utilize your best skills in an excellent Team", reveals Kimmo Kedonpää, CEO of Pipelife Finland Oy.

How GPTW research is conducted?

The “Great Place to Work” study was organised in Finland for the 13th time. The Great Place to Work® Institute's employee-centred model is based on more than 30 years of research and has been recognized since 1997 when first lists was launched together with Fortune-magazine as a clear, comprehensive representation of the importance of trust in creating great workplace relationships. The Great Place to Work® Institute provides “Trust Assessments” and produces “Best Workplaces” -lists in over 49 countries around the world, surveying over 12 million employees annually and working with thousands of companies to transform their workplace cultures.

The companies are ranked in the research by the survey among all personnel as well as through evaluating management processes implemented in the company. Management processes are evaluated by management and HR professionals. The research method enables that the companies ranked highly by their personnel receive high rankings. The personnel survey measures credibility, respect, integrity, pride and common spirit among the company. The research method is developed originally in United States by Great Place to Work Institute.

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Kimmo Kedonpää, CEO Pipelife Finland Oy