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Pipelife awarded for school project

Trade Co-Operation of the Year

Pipelife Sverige was awarded a nice prize in connection with the yearly gala held by the Swedish Plastics Industry Association.

The prize, Trade Co-Operation of the Year, was awarded by the Board and went to Fristad Plast, Pipelife Sverige, Talent Plastics, VIAB, Samek Tool and Hans-Erik Strömvall.

The reason was that this group of companies, together with Mr. Hans-Erik Strömvall, together have initiated a training co-operation.

The need for competence within injection moulding is increasing and because of this it has been decided to get more involved in a joint training venture for the next few years. It is mainly  our own staff that will be trained, already in-house as well as new recruitment.

Photo: Malin Folkesson, Plastforum.