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Fighting climate change

Due to global climate changes we experience excessive rain, long periods of drought, heat, flash flooding and landslides, which can cause severe problems to nature, populated areas and ultimately also to humans. Pipelife already faces these problems by providing different solutions to limit the effects of such events and is now happy to announce extending its waste- and rainwater management product portfolio with an important additional component. In January 2016, Pipelife Norway will be installing the largest production line for double wall pipes for the management of waste- and rain water in Northern Europe.

Politicians, construction experts and environmental specialists agree that when investing into new infrastructure these extreme weather events have to be taken into account and that the need for stronger, more secure and long lasting constructions is inherent. Especially the quick discharge of excess water in case of peaks of rain and therefore avoiding erosion of the soil is decisive to maintain constructions in the long run. In order to guarantee this, Pipelife has invested into a new production line, capable of producing waste- and rain water discharge pipes up to an inner diameter of 1,400mm, which provides sufficient flow capacity to reduce the risk of flooding and soil erosion significantly.

The investment is a natural expansion of the existing Pragma® system, which has first been introduced in 1992, and will now allow production of double wall corrugated Polypropylene pipes in a diameter range from 160 to 1,400mm. Production start of the new line is scheduled for January 2016 and the first shipments are expected in February/March.

“These pipes will be produced in our plant in Surnadal and will be available in lengths from 3 to 12 meters to adjust to different needs, for example as culverts under roads and railways. They are low on weight compared to alternative products in other materials and therefore reduce the need for heavy installation machinery, thus lowering the CO2 emissions and overall environmental impacts in the construction process”, says, Kjell Larsen, managing director in Pipelife Norway.

With this new production line, the factory will be able to serve the whole Northern European market for large pipes and pipe systems for rainwater management. “This new production line also means a more secure job situation and more employment at the factory, which is the main industry in the community of Surnadal”, adds Larsen.

“This investment decision is not only a clear commitment to the Norwegian market, which has been growing steadily over the last 10 years, but underlines also Pipelife’s strive for growth in line with our strategy to invest  in business areas with growth potential” comments Niels Rune Solgaard-Nielsen, CEO of the Pipelife Group.

Pipelife Norway is part of the Pipelife Group and employs 170 people in two production locations. The Pipelife Group is one of the leading European producers of high-quality plastic pipes, pipe systems and fittings. The company operates 26 plants in Europe and the USA with 2,700 employees in 26 countries and an annual turnover of more than 870mEUR. The Pipelife product portfolio includes system solutions for sewage and rainwater management systems, building installations, drinking water supply, irrigation, energy supply and drainage as well as special products for industrial applications.

Pipelife is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wienerberger Group.
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