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Incredible output of 1,000 kg/h achieved

Cincinnati Extrusion Gmbh, Vienna/Austria, was able to meet the demand of Arili Plastik Sanayii S.A with an optimally designed extrusion line. It guaran-teed Pipelife’s Turkish company throughput of 1,000 kg/h in the production of irrigation pipes at first go. Following successful acceptance tests carried out by the customer at the Viennese technical lab, the high-speed line has been shipped and installed and is now up and running.

With the acquisition of this new line, Pipelife Turkey has increased its production ca-pacity enormously. It manufactures irrigation pipes for its home market from a spe-cial compound consisting of PE 80 and PE 100, or from a carbon-died standard PE resin. Excellent dispersion inside the extruder is indispensable for the production of high-quality pipes from both types of material. Therefore the new extrusion line had to meet this demand in addition to the high-output specification.

For this extrusion line Cincinnati Extrusion chose a Monos+ 75 high-speed extruder, an IRIS 25 standard pipe die and a size 160 downstream unit. To ensure safe cool-ing and haul-off of the pipes extruded at such high speed, the machine manufacturer significantly modified the sealing and pipe support in the cooling section. Thanks to a “rubber-free” cooling aggregate, the line is now able to run smoothly, reaching the high line speeds without any problems.

During the final inspection at Cincinnati Extrusion the production of a pipe with an external diameter of 110 mm and 3.4 mm wall thickness at a speed of up to 15 m/min was very satisfying. With the guaranteed output of 1,000 kg/h, even speeds of up to 25 m/min are possible for smaller pipes with external diameters of 63 or 75 mm. This incredibly high output gives Pipelife a genuine competitive advantage.