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Polish Grounds for Robust Pipes

Radom. Significant demand for Pipelife's Robust Pipe in the mountainous South of Poland indicates that the product is living up to its name. 80 kilometres of this tough multilayer pipe have already been delivered to this region and a further order that will deliver water to ten remote villages is now being supplied.

Compared to the North of Poland with its soft silt soils, terrain in the South of the country is a geological nightmare for laying pipes. Moraine landscapes with mountain rock require a more resilient approach. Michal Mierzejewski, Marketing manager for Pipelife Polska explains: "We started by supplying two villages in the Kazimierza region with 10 km of Robust Pipe. Our main contractor was SZTUK_BUD."

"Soil conditions in this part of Poland are difficult but the outside wall of Robust Pipe is made from foamed PE that absorbs all the shakes and shocks of pipe installation. The internal pipe remains impervious to abrasion, scoring or damage. This ability to withstand rock substrates without expensive sand bedding and soil dispersal means that installation costs are kept low."

"Installing complete networks of Robust Pipe is comparatively simple and quick since it relies on the electro-fusion method of jointing. Our Pipelife contract department provides regular and comprehensive training sessions. Installers with experience in the field have told us how easy the system is compared to traditional pipe-laying techniques."

Eight more villages with equally ground conditions in the Kazimierza region will eventually be connected in a similar way to a supply of fresh water. A total of 100 km of Robust Pipe in diameters of 40 mm to 225 mm will be used.

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