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Pipelife Norway announces uninterrupted supply

Pipelife Norway is glad to announce uninterrupted production and supply for their clients. They have taken all necessary precautions to ensure their employees' health and safety. "Production is running as usual and we are keeping things well under control", says Sigmund Aandstad, General Manager of Pipelife Norway.

Aandstad is currently working from home due to the quarantine rules set up by the Municipality of Surnadal. However, it does not present a significant obstacle for him to lead the company.
"This is a somewhat special situation, but we are well trained in using Skype and other digital solutions so this is working quite well", he adds.

The outbreak of the coronavirus leads to a number of consequences for Norwegian business. For companies like Pipelife, much depends on what is happening in the construction business. If the industry manages to keep work up, which Aandstad believes is important for the Norwegian economy in general, production will also be able to continue at Pipelife.

"We have been experiencing some hoarding during the last days. It seems like the value chain is trying to create reserves in case something should happen. However, we expect a fall in the market, and are keeping an eye on the situation", says Aandstad.

Since everything is connected, there is no guaranty for Pipelife Norway that its operations will not be severely affected by the corona virus. Employees may become sick or may be quarantined or the market will simply fail. Therefore, the company is following the situation closely.

"So far, we haven't been hit very hard. I don't think we will have to shut down at any point. We have not yet sent a layoff notice. It is nothing we want, but at the same time, it is something we must resort to, if it becomes necessary", says Aandstad.


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General Manager, Sigmung Aandstad, Pipelife Norway