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Complete Installation with Pipelife Pipe Systems

Service Center Campus Krems: In this prestigious new building in Krems, Pipelife Austria accomplished to establish its products in all usage areas. From soil to Hot & Cold to heating and sewage, all pipes were provided by Pipelife. Also in the area of electro, the building was provided with Pipelife Profiline flex pipes as well as cavity wall electrical outlets. Therefore this project is a perfect example for our motto “all from one supplier”.

Currently the new service center “Campus Krems” is developed at the Danube, close to the “Kunstmeile” and the Danube University. The total time of construction will be 18 months and various regional needs should be covered with this one building. Included will be a garage, a 4-star hotel including seminar rooms, restaurants, a fitness center, a part of the University and business offices. Target groups are mainly students of the Danube University as well as tourist and seminar participants.

The mainly local and private investors turned their attention especially to high quality standard and persistent products and Pipelife Austria turned out to be the perfect supplier for this project.

Various pipes were delivered to Krems in the last 1,5 years:

Pipelife’s high quality multi-layer composite pipe for Hot & Cold installations and radiator heating; in total about 10 km of pipes were installed in the dimensions Da16 to 32mm.

Master 3
Our 3-layer soil system with excellent sound absorbing, high stiffness and good impact resistance

PP Master
Due to the big roof area and in case of intense rain, the 3-layer sewage pipe was installed in various dimensions up to DN 400; in total 750m of pipes and 300 fittings were used in the category SN8; the pipes were installed at the ceiling in the garage.

Profiline PXM
The newest electro pipe from Pipelife Austria is extremely robust and with its particularly smooth glide-layer it ensures minimal friction.

According to the demand of the installation and pipe laying companies, the products were delivered by Pipelife Austria directly to the construction area. Throughout the entire time, the constructors were provided with the best service (instruction directly at the construction site!) by Pipelife Austria which made the cooperation a great success till this day.

For further information, please contact Pipelife Austria.