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Pipelife at Plastics Pipes Conference XIV

Budapest. When the Plastics Pipes Conference XIV opens its doors on the 22 September in Budapest, Pipelife will be well represented.

Chairman of the Organizing Committee for this global event is Pipelife’s Zoran Davidovski. Zoran is the firm’s Vice President Marketing, Innovation & Product Management and for the last two years, he has been planning with international colleagues to make this three-day conference one of the largest events of its kind. “We expect over 500 delegates from all corners of the world to travel to the Hungarian capital city where they will share the latest knowledge and experience in pipe technology and business,” he explains.

“In addition to welcoming the participants officially and providing the opening and closing remarks, I shall have the pleasure of introducing our key speaker Ray Hammond who has become a renowned futurologist especially on the subject of plastics.”

Bard Moen who is a product manager from Pipelife in Norway will be presenting a web book that he and his colleagues have created. “Basic knowledge about plastic pipe systems have not been well communicated in Norway. Existing textbooks are a bit too technical for college life and not very up to date. So we set out to change all that,” says Bard.

Working with industry experts from the Norwegian Plastic Pipe Group as well as teachers and students, the team produced a virtual book that explains the ins and outs of plastic pipes. “The main aim is to reach students in higher education. But it is written in a kind of language even apprentice plumbers will understand. So it is for everybody and available for everybody. Maybe more senior consultants need to update themselves or find specific data. So the web publication suits learners from 15 to 70.”