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Sewer upgrade in Czech Republic

Brno. A recent order signals a possible switch to high value plastic sewer pipe systems in the Czech Republic. The regional water authority in the south east of the country has ordered 30 kilometres of PP Master, a polypropylene three layer sewer pipe made by Pipelife in Austria.

EUR 30 million have been set aside for this modernisation project and extensive technical discussions were undertaken before the final solution was decided. Dalibor Matula, Pipelife’s Sales manager and Jiri Albrecht, Regional Sales Manager were involved with many of those conversations. “With a project of this size that connects various important cities and rural areas, getting the best investment out of the sewer network is what counts. Sewer networks are now expected to provide reliable long term performance with only minimal maintenance. Experience with clay and concrete sewers has not been good to say the least,” he comments.

“Soil conditions in this part of the country are not easy and the inherent stiffness of PP Master pipes was an important requirement. And from an installation point of view, less heavy and expensive mechanical lifting was one of the deciding factors. Another convincing argument was the abrasion resistance of the inner pipe wall.”

First pipe deliveries from Pipelife have already taken place for the sewer modernisation scheme that will take two years to complete. Pipe connections - from the sewer mains to the home - will be made from PP Master SN 8 as well.

Daniel Dajewski, Pipelife’s General Manager points out that the market for sewer pipes in the Czech Republic is extremely price sensitive with engineers and users focusing on price criteria such as per meter comparisons. “However, there is clearly still room for comparatively expensive systems that deliver the whole range of benefits.”

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