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Smart Connections in the Bathroom

Surnadal. Pipelife Norway have launched an unique polypropylene Soil and Waste system which combines appealing design with several benefits for interior designer, stockist, installer and builder alike. Called SMARTLINE, the system replaces the old way of installing pipes with a new and elegant solution including an attractive chrome-plated finish.

For many years, builders have hidden traditional soil and waste pipes behind void panelling, coves, raised floors and even floating ceilings. According to Kjell Larsen, General Manager of Pipelife Norway, revelation rather than expensive concealment is the new trend: “What is the point of having an elegant bathroom if you do not have elegant piping? In bathroom design, the emphasis is increasingly on aesthetics in addition to functionality. We firmly believe that our solution for open bathroom design achieves both.”

“SMARTLINE is quite unlike conventional bathroom pipes with their often unsightly joints, fittings and external rubber seals. We have created a smooth profile without pipe sockets or connectors. Glue is no longer the substance for assembly. Instead, a press fit technique that comprises internal sealing ensures a fast and secure fit. We offer a good-looking chrome finish for the pipe parts you see and we have a pale neutral colour for those you do not!”

The new soil and waste system marks the end to the 32 mm version since the Scandinavian firm has decided to follow the rest of the world and phase out this particular diameter. “Our 40 mm diameter will not require extra space. There is less risk of water damage with the larger diameter and besides, the new piping system has excellent hydraulic characteristics.”

Advantages for the plumber are significant. Because SMARTLINE relies on fewer components for assembly, installation is faster and there is less wastage. Moreover, it can replace all existing pipe systems. “We also expect wholesalers to benefit from this all-in-one approach through better logistics, a higher turnover rate and space saving since fewer storage pallets are required,” says Larsen.

The first dimensions already launched are 40 mm and 50 mm diameters. Larger sizes in 75 and 110 mm will be introduced during the course of 2008. Pipes and fittings are approved and have been awarded protected marks of certificates (Nemko's N-mark or Insta-Cert's Nordic Poly Mark). This means that the piping system fulfils all the functional requirements within the product standard NS-EN 1451 and those for certification of PP indoor soil pipe systems.

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