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Ljung, Sweden. Two new products have been added to Pipelife’s range of chambers. Now being launched in Scandinavia, one chamber is designed specifically for road gully applications and the other for waste water applications.

These tough polypropylene chambers are manufactured in 315DN and 425DN and have been fully tried and tested. Kurt Marklund, export manager for Pipelife Sweden explains: “With more intense rainstorms across many parts of Europe, the need for efficient road gullies becomes all the more critical. Growth in the demand for modern sewer systems has also prompted the creation of a wider range of waste water inspection chambers.”

“Their light weight ensures easy handling and installation. They are also safer. Complete networks can therefore be installed faster and at low cost.”

These latest additions to the Pipelife range of inspection chambers can accommodate connections for three pipe sizes, namely 110 mm, 160 mm and 200 mm. “Their universal design is made possible through internal adaptors that control the flow. One chamber is really four chambers combined into one.”

It is important to note that these products have been designed to fulfil the quality standards set down by Nordic Poly Mark, the Scandinavian quality body. Furthermore, Marklund anticipates that it will generate significant commercial interest in Scandinavia and other major European markets.

Pipelife, which is headquartered in Wiener Neudorf, Austria, is represented by plants and sales offices in 30 countries. The Pipelife Group generated pro-forma revenues of EUR 826 million in 2006 with 2,800 employees.

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