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First PE Pipe from Pipelife Russia

Zhukov, Moscow. Pipelife’s factory in Russia has just produced its first length of PE pipe. Important opportunities will now be realised for the company’s pipe systems in the local water, gas and eventually sewer markets.

Jiri Mitek, project manager, confirms: “The quality of the pipe and the quality of the manufacturing process that made it, are ‘Pipelife Perfect.’ Our brand new Cincinnati machine is now producing various diameters of PE water pipe up to 400DN and we shall shortly commission a second PE line for up to 1200DN.”

It was only in April this year that a start was made in the renovation of the Russian factory for the purposes of making modern plastic pipe systems. Ype Vink, general manager, is equally delighted: “Russia is one of the world’s fastest growing economies and the market for plastic pipes is expanding rapidly. We intend to increase the workforce to eventually 70 people and raise production steadily to achieve an annual capacity of 14,700 tons.”

“Our plans include making full use of our two PE lines to supply pipe for the important Russian gas distribution sector. A third line will also be introduced to produce PRAGMA, our ribbed and very tough polypropylene sewer pipes (up to 800DN). These flexible pipe systems are ideal for the busy construction and civil engineering market in Russia. They are extremely easy to work with. Even the larger dimensions can be carried by hand and they are suitable for a wide variety of situations.”

Pipelife and Pragma are no strangers to the Russian market. For example, Pipelife Russia was recently involved in the renovation of the ancient XVIII century palace, named after Constantine. The palace is now used for official summits of the Russian president with foreign leaders. Pragma sewer pipes were incorporated within the sewer and drainage system for the palace and a large park area including many new buildings. The company also supplied pipework for in-house hot and cold, heating and air conditioning.

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