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Sewage Treatment Plant in Portugal - "Etar do Barreiro"

The Pipelife Group is proud to have supplied an important and technological innovative Project for Sewage treatment in Portugal.

This project “Sistemas de Drenagem e Elevatórias de Águas Residuais do Subsistema do Barreiro / Moita – Lote 1” is located in the Tejo river just ahead of Lisbon, the capital, to connect the Sewage Treatment Plant –ETAR do Barreiro, to the river; The construction held by the Consortium involving SOARES DA COSTA S.A. and OPWAY S.A., will serve a population of around 290 thousand people living in the area and will contribute to the cleaning/depollution of this river line, improving the environmental situation locally.

HDPE is the main/only material designed and approved for marine projects due to its flexibility, non corrosion, resistance to chemical attacks, smooth internal and external walls avoiding adherence of incrustations, as well as many other particular properties.
The LLHDPE – Long Length HDPE type of solution is adequate for projects nearby the sea/river as it reduces significantly the time and the cost of (marine) projects since  pipes are carried by water in long lengths up to hundreds of meters, and not transported in 12 mts length by road with need for afterwards welding, making this way conduits as one piece solution with all advantages it carries. 

For this project Pipelife Group supplied 2 lengths of 550 meters, one length  of 264 meters all of diameter 1400 mm and some other smaller lengths of diameters 1000 mm and 1200 mm which were produced in Pipelife Norway – Stathelle and towed/pulled floating with a tug boat as from there up to Barreiro. In this particular situation and as there is another project to be supplied in Algeria-Fouka, with 1600 mm and 1200 mm diameters pipes, the same tug boat towed 10 lengths of pipes as from Norway and will continue with 7 after leaving 3 of them in Portugal in a sea manoeuvre where 3 of those pipe lengths had been handled to other Tug boats in the Cascais bay, which carried them to their final destination.
Although this kind of procedure is common for this Pipelife factory in Norway, supplying projects all over the world, even other Portuguese projects, such as LLHDPE pipes to the PESCANOVA fish farm, which involved 2000mm Diameter pipes in 433 meters lengths with a total delivery of 5308 meters, this supply technology as well as the manoeuvre of handling are innovation in this area of the country.

Pipelife Group will keep on supporting the Portuguese Engineering Companies with innovative products as well as technical solutions, following the statements of our Mission and Vision.

“Improve quality of life by providing high value solutions for the protection and flow of water and energy.”

“The Number ONE value creator in our markets”.