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Time for tall Tanks in Finland

Oulu. The largest rotational moulding machine in Finland has now started to produce plastic manholes, pumping stations, waste water treatment systems. The latter are of immediate environmental demand in rural areas where household water treatment is now being regulated.

The new machine has been installed in the firm’s factory in Ii, near Oulu to the North of Finland. Kimmo is General Manager for Pipelife in Finland. He is confident that its output will be highly prized: “Our EUR 2 million investment in this ingenious Italian machine and associated equipment has immediately enlarged our environmental product portfolio. Polyethylene tanks as tall as 5,000 mm, diameters of 2,500 mm and a capacity of over 20,000 litres can now be efficiently made.”

“Before 2014, all households in Finland are required by law to be connected to municipal sewer systems or have own pumping or water treatment arrangements. We can now service what is expected to be a considerable demand for our easy to install septic tanks. These lightweight products are made from chemical resistant thermoplastic and have been fully quality tested to serve their purpose.”

In addition to water treatment tanks and inspection chambers, the Oulu factory produces oil and sand separators and a range of PVC pipe systems. It is one of four Pipelife factories in Finland employing a combined total of 130 people.

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