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Project displays Central Eastern Promise

Debrecen. The supply of pipe systems to the largest sewer reconstruction scheme in Hungary has opened up some interesting market opportunities in that country.

Situated in the North East of Hungary, Debrecen is the country’s second largest city. It is also the local home base for Pipelife. Janos Jakab who is product manager at Pipelife Hungary explains: “Eight years ago, the local authorities in Debrecen decided to separate and modernise the region’s sewer and storm water networks. Sewer services in the city centre were particularly antiquated and new networks had to be constructed for the region as a whole.”

EUR 70 million was allocated largely from EU funds and two years ago, Pipelife received an order to supply a significant share of the 230 km pipe works. “We were delighted,” says Jakab. “We started supplying gravity sewer pipes in specified diameters of up to 300mm as well as 5,000 newly developed PRO manholes in 800DN and 1000DN.”

“These manholes are designed for professional civil engineering systems and we supplied them in a so-called ‘kombi’ version. This means they were delivered to site completely assembled according to customer specified requirements and then lowered into place.”

“Furthermore, “semi-kombi” manholes were delivered that enable greater heights and therefore bigger installation depths. They could also be transported in an efficient way. On site, the two parts of the semi-kombi manhole were simply assembled with a sealing ring and then installed immediately.”

While installing the pipes with these PRO manholes, our customers soon appreciated the benefits of easier handling, faster installation and a perfect fit every time! This approach has been so successful that we have now started supplying various other projects in Hungary.”

Pipelife will continue to deliver the easy to install components for the Debrecen scheme that is therefore very much on schedule for completion mid 2009.

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