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Super Robust Pipe – a suitable case for rough treatment

Otrokovice, Czech Republic. A twin layer pressure water pipe that can withstand the shakes and shocks of  the most mountainous landscapes has been introduced in the Czech Republic. Called Super Robust Pipe, it has been specifically designed to provide significant benefits in terms of cost savings, addtjaitional protection and speed of installation - even for the most difficult soil conditions.
Vladimír Pelíšek who is innovation and technical development manager for Pipelife in the Republic explains: “The outer protective layer is made of a robust and compact PP copolymer material that increases the overall pipe resistance against stones that might seriously damage the inner pipe if not protected. The inner pipe is made from a super mix of PE 100 RC and materials that provide exceptional durability.”

Currently manufactured in standard diameters of 90 mm and 160mm, the system is being supplied for the purposes of water distribution and pressure mains sewer. But Pelíšek believes that Super Robust Pipe is capable of other challenging missions. “Customer feedback is such that we shall extend the diameter sizes at both ends of the range. Small pipes will be eventually be made in diameters of 32 mm with versions up to 225 mm. Moreover, the built-in benefits of the system make it ideal for the gas market.”

Export possibilities to neighbouring CEE countries are not ruled out. Fully tested by the Czech Institute for Testing and Certifications in Zlin, Super Robust Pipe has already been used for major projects.


In particular, installers have been quick to use the system for projects that rely on no-dig solutions. For example, 2.3 kilometers of the larger diameter (160mm) water pipe were installed for a horizontal drilling scheme to deliver water at pressure to the residents of Svrcinovec in Slovakia.

The pipe is thus proving invaluable in trenchless schemes. During installation, its external wall spreads the stress of rock impingement over a larger area and the internal pipe is thus protected from damage. A similar horizontal scheme involved the installation of over 4.5 kilometers of pipe for a pressure mains sewer in Neratovice. This Czech town is in central Bohemia where the rural terrain with its rock substrates is particularly challenging for pipe installation. In the same region, an even larger pressure sewer pipe network is now being laid to serve the residents of Trebotov. When completed, the network will comprise ten kilometers of Super Robust Pipe in diameters of 40 and 110 mm.

Many more infrastructure projects are planned in the Republic and Pelíšek is convinced that his pipe has an innovative role to play in their implementation. “Unlike traditional pipe laying techniques, Super Robust Pipe does not require expensive sand bedding and soil dispersal. Installation costs are thus kept low and with the electrofusion process of pipe jointing, installers can work quickly and economically.”

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