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No more Crossed Wires

Bucharest. Pipelife Romania has started to deliver its very first order for plastic protection pipes to the City of Bucharest. These orange PE pipes will form part of a major scheme to streamline the city’s labyrinth of telecom networks.

A total of EUR 202 million has been set aside within a public-private partnership to ensure that by 2011, NetCity will be able to operate one of the most modern telecom networks in the region. NetCity is Metropolitan Fibre Optic Network for telecommunications for the municipality of Bucharest.

Petru Avram, General Manager for Pipelife in Romania is delighted with the development: “This first phase will require 63 mm diameter PE pipes to protect fibre optic lines for cable TV, internet and telephone with room for a fourth service when and if required. 1350 main streets and boulevards will be connected during the course of a first phase and the firm will also provide a good number of 1100 mm diameter plastic manholes to facilitate maintenance and extension of services.”

Thorough technical testing of the plastic cable was necessary to comply with the requirements of the tender. Many other phases will be supplied to meet the 2011 deadline that will involve connecting more than 5000 streets. Avram reports that municipal authorities are pleased with the general ease of installation and the progress so far achieved.

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