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Vienna. A comprehensive DVD to explain the ins and outs of the Radopress system has been produced. This universal H&C system covers radiator connection as well as potable water and under floor heating. Comprising a five minute video, catalogue, installation guide and an image bank, the DVD will assist and thereby promote this high value equipment.

Slavomir Susor, product manager for the system explains: “Our DVD provides practical design and installation guidelines. It also demonstrates how versatile Radopress can be. Since we introduced this system five years ago, the Radopress route has branched out to many European countries. With this DVD in the English language, we have been able to put it together to put it across!”

The system offers a great variety of installation possibilities due to the flexibility of the pipes used. These multilayer pipes are made from PEX ALU PEX, PERT Al PERT or PEX EVOH. Five pipe wall layers form a barrier that is form stable and thus 100% oxygen free.

“Our Hot and Cold Service Centre for the CEE in Hungary has worked closely on the preparation of this electronic medium. We think it will enhance the already significant acceptance of the system. Like Radopress, the DVD is simple and quick to use and after all, perception is reality.”

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