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Smart Probe - a futureproof gamechanger for water utilities

Developed in close cooperation with water utilities, Smart Probe tackles common challenges in water sensoring. The days of blind spots in potable water networks may soon be over and network as well as water safety can be further increased.

Drip irrigation provides longterm food security

With water resources becoming scarce and irrigated agriculture being the the largest consumer of water, there is only one way we can ensure food security: hi-tech irrigation.

UK sets on biomethane production for a greener gas mix

Supporting the trend among farmers to invest in digesters to produce biomethane from food or crop waste and manure, SoluForce offers the necessary safe and economically viable infrastructure.

Pipelife Solutions for Hungarian epidemic diseases container hospital

Kiskunhalas mobile hospital was set up to cover the increased capacity needs due to the Covid19 pandemic. Pipelife water supply, distribution and sewage discharge systems provide for safety and hygiene.

Trenchless technologies for potable water supply - "We dig no-dig with coated PE Pipes"

The increasing number of underground supply and discharge lines, but also building structures or water bodies, make trenching difficult, very costly or even impossible. For these or similar scenarios, trenchless installation methods are a perfect low impact solution.

A Greek pipedream come true: Pipelife connects Aegina Island to mainland water supply

Up to -94 meters below sea level, 14.8-km-long underwater PE 100 Potable Water Pipe will finally connect Aegina Island to EYDAP public water supply network via Salamina.

Pipelife is global pioneer in automated 3D printing: a safety and engineering upgrade

Storm- and wastewater infrastructures are receiving a significant upgrade while safety in production is increased thanks to Pipelife’s unique and novel application of high-precision production.

Drip irrigation ensures sustainable water management and food resilience in Azerbaijan

With crop growth safety and yield optimization in mind, a large-scale food producer in Azerbaijan invested in precision irrigation solutions. Pipelife designed, produced, and delivered complete drip irrigation systems from source to plant within a month.

Russia speedily builds new hospital for Corona patients

Within a few weeks only, the treatment facility built on 70,000 square meters, will be able to accommodate 500 patients. Safe and reliable wastewater discharge is ensured with Pipelife's Pragma Pipes.

Pipelife Norway announces uninterrupted supply

All necessary precautions to ensure employees’ health and safety have been taken. “Production is running as usual and we are keeping things well under control, says Sigmund Aandstad, General Manager of Pipelife Norway.”

We prevent plastics from escaping into nature

Most of the plastic found in the oceans originates from carelessly discarded bottles and packaging, but some are resin pellets from the manufacturing industry. As plastics manufacturer it is our responsibility to make sure that this does not happen.

YouTube channel Skill Builder features Pipelife facility in Ireland

Building expert, TV presenter and journalist Roger Bisby went to visit our Pipelife Ireland facility to show the 174,000 subscribers of his YouTube channel Skill Builder how plastic pipes are produced.

Here is a record low we are happy about!

While our goal in business is usually to increase numbers, we do everything to decrease others such as the accident rate. Thanks to strong commitment and strong safety tools we are on the right track in protecting what makes up Pipelife: us, the people, the “Pipelifers”.

Happy Holidays!

Thank you, dear partners, clients, coworkers and friends for working together with us on achieving the goals we share. As we look forward to a New Year of possibilities, we strongly believe that our trust in each other will let us shine also in 2020. To a bright future and success powered by partnership and collaboration!

“A little bit of social warmth in every box of clamps or sleeves - not only for Christmas"

Pipelife Austria and the sheltered workshop of the non-profit organization Lebenshilfe Lower Austria have been writing a very special success story for 30 years now. Its purpose is to help intellectually disabled people claim their rights to a meaningful life.

Proof is all that counts!

MMID, Pipelife Netherland's innovation partner, came by to install and test the latest innovation for the potable water sector they had developed together: a truly Smart Probing Solution.

Raineo: Stormwater Management Solutions wrapped in one word

Our cities are growing in population and size, climate is changing, and water is becoming scarce. Stormwater management is the key to solving an array of water related problems. Here's an example from Poland, one of the driest countries in Europe.

Bronze for “Sustainable Innovation” - congratulations Pipelife Netherlands!

One color for each life: The concept "Pipe with 3 Lives" won bronze at the annual Inovyn Awards presented at the international plastics and rubbers trade fair K 2019 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Cooperation and innovation help save endangered fish in Finland

A volunteering event was organized by WWF Finland, K Group and a local water and air protection association in August 2019. Pipelife Finland contributes with the innovation of a migration-friendly road culvert.

Aquatech Amsterdam - save the date!

Meet face to face with our experts at the world's leading trade exhibition for process, drinking and wastewater. Get to know two of our latest solutions that may change everything for you. Join us in Amsterdam, November 5-8 at stand number 12.805.

Heading forward – Pipelife Norge celebrates 50 years

Wednesday September 25th 2019, the focus was on a vision for the future, as Pipelife looks back at 50 years of business in Norway. Showcasing sustainability and innovation, the company will for sure continue producing added value for another 50 years at least.

A further step towards a circular economy

As active TEPPFA member, Pipelife has signed the Plastics Alliance Declaration to help meet the "10 million tonnes target" by the European Commission by 2025

An important aspect for measuring product sustainability: Service Life

European Plastic Pipes Association TEPPFA and PE100+ released a position paper confirming the service life of PE pressure pipes to being more than 100 years.

Gold Standard Building Technology - Wienerberger Haus in Vienna

The new Wienerberger Haus in Vienna will receive a state-of-the-art technical installation from Pipelife.

KIWA certifies SoluForce Flexible Composite Pipes for Hydrogen applications

Unique in the world of hydrogen transport and as global first this significant milestone has a major impact on the feasibility of hydrogen and is an important step towards a sustainable energy mix.

Historically large pipe delivery for historic luxury Hotel Britannia in Norway

April 1st this year saw the re-opening of the Britannia Hotel in all its glory, after three years of full renovations that cost 1.2 billion Norwegian kroner. Pipelife Norway supplied a large array of piping for service installation and HVAC. The delivery of electro conduits counts among the greatest for Pipelife Norway.

Royal opening of the Gasunie HyStock "green" hydrogen plant in the Netherlands

On June 26th, His Majesty King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands opened the sustainable hydrogen plant, the first in the Netherlands, in the province of Groningen. Together with Groningen Seaports, SoluForce attended this event, impressing the King with its Flexible Composite Pipe solution.

Building service solutions from one source

From domestic water supply through water pipes, underfloor heating to discharge, Pipelife Austria delivered almost all service lines necessary for a residential complex in Goetzendorf, Austria. Service and personal support in addition to the broad range of products, are reasons for the client's choice.

Pipelife as artful supporter of architecture - literally speaking!

Usually our pipe solutions go unseen - they are burried for infrastructure projects, hidden in walls, ceilings and floors of buildings, covered up by plants in agriculture or even submerged under the sea. This time, some of them got lucky and are in the spotlight at the Museum of Applied Arts (MAK) in Vienna.

Three 350-m-long, large diameter HDPE Pipes travel the Atlantic to be sunk in the Caribbean

Pipelife delivers marine cooling water intake and outlet for Dominican Republic’s new 770 MW coal-fired power plant.

200 years of success - time to celebrate!

Pipelife is proud to be part of the Wienerberger Group. And last week, our mother company Wienerberger AG threw a festive event.

Safer gas supply with Gas-Stop™

Gas suppliers in more than 40 countries around the world have opted for Gas-Stop™, an excess flow valve. Why? To prevent uncontrolled gas leakage, thus avoiding extensive repairs in public and, most importantly, to eliminate personal or property damage.

10 reasons for choosing composite covers and grates

Composite GRP Covers and Grates for manholes and inspection chambers are becoming more and more popular. We have scrutinized their increasing popularity and have tested them for you. Here is our conclusion.

In Control of Living Comfort

In building construction, contractors are sometimes confronted with challenges in finding appropriate product solutions that meet clients’ expectations. Párizsi Udvar is an excellent example how supplier service, proximity and flexibility from start can help overcome such challenges.

Wooden pipeline replaced with a tailored Pipelife Pragma Solution

To safeguard its alternative process water supply, Hydro Sunndal aluminum plant and Pipelife put their heads together to find a tailored solution for replacing a 64 year-old wooden water pipe.

1.8 km Pragma Infiltration Pipes for Road Drainage in the Netherlands

Pipelife is involved in the construction of the "Second access road" for Hoek van Holland, the H6 road, together with Joosten Kunststoffen BV. Pragma Infiltration Pipes covered in textile are installed for stormwater drainage along the newly constructed H6 road between the Hoeksebaan and the Hoek van Holland Haven station area.

18.5 km Expressway around Warsaw equal 30-km Pragma Pipe for Road Drainage

To bring traffic relief to Poland’s capital Warsaw and to provide safer and more efficient connections for both national and international transport, Poland is finalizing Warsaw's southern bypass. What is Pipelife’s role in the project? To increase road safety with a reliable stormwater drainage system.

Pipelife Heating System for 660 Low Energy Houses

Low energy, low CO2, but cosy temperatures await the future inhabitants of 660 A-rated houses in Glanmire, Ireland: In their new 2- to 4-bedroom homes, developed by the O’Flynn Group, Pipelife’s heating system comprising an air-to-water heat pump and underfloor heating will provide maximum comfort throughout all seasons.

New World Record with a 3.3 km HDPE Pipe Delivery to Malaysia

Pipelife has set a new solid world record at sea! For the delivery of 3.3 kilometers of long length large diameter (LLLD) HDPE pipes from Stathelle in Norway to a powerplant in Malaysia, Pipelife Norway outdid its last world record in 2016 and almost doubled the boat tow to 27,720 km. This achievement is worth an entry in the Guinness World Records book.

Rørdagene 2019: Green Growth and Environmental Issues in Focus at the Pipe Days Conference in Norway

Fourth time in a row at the annual Pipe Days conference in Norway Pipelife invited professionals from across the whole industry and value chain to discuss the most important issues and topics from the industry.

The Power of Cooperation

“Thanks to this collaboration the entire project has been optimized," says Ralph Hoogerwerf from the wholesaler Joosten Kunststoffen. “[Pipelife] is a reliable partner. Quality is of paramount importance (...) and Pipelife can definitely meet our quality demands!”

The Ocean Cleanup has started!

Pipelife is a proud partner of The Ocean Cleanup. A foundation that develops technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic.

Project "New Village Hoef and Haag" in the Netherlands

A completely new village is being built between Vianen and Hagestein in the Netherlands and Pipelife Netherlands supplies the materials for the sewer system!

That was IFAT 2018!

Once again, the IFAT 2018 has proven that it fully meets all international demands and has been able to impress the professional world with its many inspiring and remarkable innovations!

Visit Pipelife at IFAT 2018, Munich

At the world‘s leading fair for environmental technology, Pipelife will present the newest possibilities for rainwater usage – the Pipelife Raineo System.

Pipelife BIM Dating Event – a marvelous feat for all who took part!

The first of its kind “Open your mind with BIM” event was a smashing success! Pipelife in collaboration with our partner company Itannex, as well as an impressive array of leading industry experts, brought together management and board members, as well as the BIM users themselves - designers, planners and engineers - from the installation sector, and facilitated plentiful stimulating discussions and an exchange of staggering BIM-themed insights. Don't miss to learn more about this unique event here! Video included.

First Pipelife International Water Conference

On 9th and 10th October Pipelife Netherlands was the center of the first International Pipelife Water Conference. The event brought together a selected group of international guests from the water industry - both customers and internal experts. Don't miss to learn more about this unique event here! Video included.

Discovering Plastics together with TEPPFA and Pipelife

Strength and flexibility. Is it possible to have both? The answer's yes, and these key attributes co-exist within plastic pipes for civil engineering applications. Discover more in this page!

Pipelife acquires Preflex Group – a leading producer of prewired electro conduits

Preflex Group, with manufacturing sites in Belgium and France, is a European leader in the growing segment of prewired electro conduits. The takeover strengthens Pipelife’s position as a European leader in electro conduits.

Pipelife Finland launches Raineo Rainwater management system

With a cinema - worthy promotional video and a successful exhibition introduction Pipelife Finland launched Raineo® to the Finnish market!

SoluForce Strikes Again! Introducing the new SoluForce High Temperature Pipe System

Yet another technological development for our customers!

Fourth Drip Irrigation Pipe Extrusion Line in Pipelife Turkey

Pipelife Turkey has pushed the start button of its fourth drip irrigation line on March 29th, 2017.

Pipelife Gas Stop Improves Gas Grid Safety for Enexis

As of this year, Enexis Netbeheer will be the first grid manager in the Netherlands to install the Pipelife Gas Stop as a standard safety measure in the gas grid.

Pipelife Hellas: Piping in the New

Pipelife Hellas is challenging this archaic view of plumbing. By all accounts, the firm is succeeding, not only on the beautiful island of Crete but also in the rest of Modern Greece.

Polish Perspectives

Pipelife has become a leading player in the Polish market. Unprecedented economic growth in Poland over the last ten years has clearly helped

First PE Pipe from Pipelife Russia

Pipelife’s factory in Russia has just produced its first length of PE pipe. Important opportunities will now be realised for the company’s pipe systems

Master 3 - The new drainage System for Professionals

Pipelife Austria presented the new drainage system MASTER 3 in the Magna Racino. The name itself gives some idea regarding the new range. "3" stands for the three layers