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Trenchless technologies for potable water supply - "We dig no-dig with coated PE Pipes"

The increasing number of underground supply and discharge lines, but also building structures or water bodies, make trenching difficult, very costly or even impossible. For these or similar scenarios, trenchless installation methods are a perfect low impact solution.

A Greek pipedream come true: Pipelife connects Aegina Island to mainland water supply

Up to -94 meters below sea level, 14.8-km-long underwater PE 100 Potable Water Pipe will finally connect Aegina Island to EYDAP public water supply network via Salamina.

Pipelife is global pioneer in automated 3D printing: a safety and engineering upgrade

Storm- and wastewater infrastructures are receiving a significant upgrade while safety in production is increased thanks to Pipelife’s unique and novel application of high-precision production.

Drip irrigation ensures sustainable water management and food resilience in Azerbaijan

With crop growth safety and yield optimization in mind, a large-scale food producer in Azerbaijan invested in precision irrigation solutions. Pipelife designed, produced, and delivered complete drip irrigation systems from source to plant within a month.

Russia speedily builds new hospital for Corona patients

Within a few weeks only, the treatment facility built on 70,000 square meters, will be able to accommodate 500 patients. Safe and reliable wastewater discharge is ensured with Pipelife's Pragma Pipes.

Pipelife Norway announces uninterrupted supply

All necessary precautions to ensure employees’ health and safety have been taken. “Production is running as usual and we are keeping things well under control, says Sigmund Aandstad, General Manager of Pipelife Norway.”

We prevent plastics from escaping into nature

Most of the plastic found in the oceans originates from carelessly discarded bottles and packaging, but some are resin pellets from the manufacturing industry. As plastics manufacturer it is our responsibility to make sure that this does not happen.

YouTube channel Skill Builder features Pipelife facility in Ireland

Building expert, TV presenter and journalist Roger Bisby went to visit our Pipelife Ireland facility to show the 174,000 subscribers of his YouTube channel Skill Builder how plastic pipes are produced.

Here is a record low we are happy about!

While our goal in business is usually to increase numbers, we do everything to decrease others such as the accident rate. Thanks to strong commitment and strong safety tools we are on the right track in protecting what makes up Pipelife: us, the people, the “Pipelifers”.

Happy Holidays!

Thank you, dear partners, clients, coworkers and friends for working together with us on achieving the goals we share. As we look forward to a New Year of possibilities, we strongly believe that our trust in each other will let us shine also in 2020. To a bright future and success powered by partnership and collaboration!

“A little bit of social warmth in every box of clamps or sleeves - not only for Christmas"

Pipelife Austria and the sheltered workshop of the non-profit organization Lebenshilfe Lower Austria have been writing a very special success story for 30 years now. Its purpose is to help intellectually disabled people claim their rights to a meaningful life.

Proof is all that counts!

MMID, Pipelife Netherland's innovation partner, came by to install and test the latest innovation for the potable water sector they had developed together: a truly Smart Probing Solution.

Raineo: Stormwater Management Solutions wrapped in one word

Our cities are growing in population and size, climate is changing, and water is becoming scarce. Stormwater management is the key to solving an array of water related problems. Here's an example from Poland, one of the driest countries in Europe.

Bronze for “Sustainable Innovation” - congratulations Pipelife Netherlands!

One color for each life: The concept "Pipe with 3 Lives" won bronze at the annual Inovyn Awards presented at the international plastics and rubbers trade fair K 2019 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Cooperation and innovation help save endangered fish in Finland

A volunteering event was organized by WWF Finland, K Group and a local water and air protection association in August 2019. Pipelife Finland contributes with the innovation of a migration-friendly road culvert.

Aquatech Amsterdam - save the date!

Meet face to face with our experts at the world's leading trade exhibition for process, drinking and wastewater. Get to know two of our latest solutions that may change everything for you. Join us in Amsterdam, November 5-8 at stand number 12.805.

Heading forward – Pipelife Norge celebrates 50 years

Wednesday September 25th 2019, the focus was on a vision for the future, as Pipelife looks back at 50 years of business in Norway. Showcasing sustainability and innovation, the company will for sure continue producing added value for another 50 years at least.

A further step towards a circular economy

As active TEPPFA member, Pipelife has signed the Plastics Alliance Declaration to help meet the "10 million tonnes target" by the European Commission by 2025

An important aspect for measuring product sustainability: Service Life

European Plastic Pipes Association TEPPFA and PE100+ released a position paper confirming the service life of PE pressure pipes to being more than 100 years.

Gold Standard Building Technology - Wienerberger Haus in Vienna

The new Wienerberger Haus in Vienna will receive a state-of-the-art technical installation from Pipelife.

KIWA certifies SoluForce Flexible Composite Pipes for Hydrogen applications

Unique in the world of hydrogen transport and as global first this significant milestone has a major impact on the feasibility of hydrogen and is an important step towards a sustainable energy mix.

Historically large pipe delivery for historic luxury Hotel Britannia in Norway

April 1st this year saw the re-opening of the Britannia Hotel in all its glory, after three years of full renovations that cost 1.2 billion Norwegian kroner. Pipelife Norway supplied a large array of piping for service installation and HVAC. The delivery of electro conduits counts among the greatest for Pipelife Norway.

Royal opening of the Gasunie HyStock "green" hydrogen plant in the Netherlands

On June 26th, His Majesty King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands opened the sustainable hydrogen plant, the first in the Netherlands, in the province of Groningen. Together with Groningen Seaports, SoluForce attended this event, impressing the King with its Flexible Composite Pipe solution.

Building service solutions from one source

From domestic water supply through water pipes, underfloor heating to discharge, Pipelife Austria delivered almost all service lines necessary for a residential complex in Goetzendorf, Austria. Service and personal support in addition to the broad range of products, are reasons for the client's choice.

Pipelife as artful supporter of architecture - literally speaking!

Usually our pipe solutions go unseen - they are burried for infrastructure projects, hidden in walls, ceilings and floors of buildings, covered up by plants in agriculture or even submerged under the sea. This time, some of them got lucky and are in the spotlight at the Museum of Applied Arts (MAK) in Vienna.

Three 350-m-long, large diameter HDPE Pipes travel the Atlantic to be sunk in the Caribbean

Pipelife delivers marine cooling water intake and outlet for Dominican Republic’s new 770 MW coal-fired power plant.

200 years of success - time to celebrate!

Pipelife is proud to be part of the Wienerberger Group. And last week, our mother company Wienerberger AG threw a festive event.

Safer gas supply with Gas-Stop™

Gas suppliers in more than 40 countries around the world have opted for Gas-Stop™, an excess flow valve. Why? To prevent uncontrolled gas leakage, thus avoiding extensive repairs in public and, most importantly, to eliminate personal or property damage.

10 reasons for choosing composite covers and grates

Composite GRP Covers and Grates for manholes and inspection chambers are becoming more and more popular. We have scrutinized their increasing popularity and have tested them for you. Here is our conclusion.

In Control of Living Comfort

In building construction, contractors are sometimes confronted with challenges in finding appropriate product solutions that meet clients’ expectations. Párizsi Udvar is an excellent example how supplier service, proximity and flexibility from start can help overcome such challenges.

Wooden pipeline replaced with a tailored Pipelife Pragma Solution

To safeguard its alternative process water supply, Hydro Sunndal aluminum plant and Pipelife put their heads together to find a tailored solution for replacing a 64 year-old wooden water pipe.

1.8 km Pragma Infiltration Pipes for Road Drainage in the Netherlands

Pipelife is involved in the construction of the "Second access road" for Hoek van Holland, the H6 road, together with Joosten Kunststoffen BV. Pragma Infiltration Pipes covered in textile are installed for stormwater drainage along the newly constructed H6 road between the Hoeksebaan and the Hoek van Holland Haven station area.

18.5 km Expressway around Warsaw equal 30-km Pragma Pipe for Road Drainage

To bring traffic relief to Poland’s capital Warsaw and to provide safer and more efficient connections for both national and international transport, Poland is finalizing Warsaw's southern bypass. What is Pipelife’s role in the project? To increase road safety with a reliable stormwater drainage system.

Pipelife Heating System for 660 Low Energy Houses

Low energy, low CO2, but cosy temperatures await the future inhabitants of 660 A-rated houses in Glanmire, Ireland: In their new 2- to 4-bedroom homes, developed by the O’Flynn Group, Pipelife’s heating system comprising an air-to-water heat pump and underfloor heating will provide maximum comfort throughout all seasons.

New World Record with a 3.3 km HDPE Pipe Delivery to Malaysia

Pipelife has set a new solid world record at sea! For the delivery of 3.3 kilometers of long length large diameter (LLLD) HDPE pipes from Stathelle in Norway to a powerplant in Malaysia, Pipelife Norway outdid its last world record in 2016 and almost doubled the boat tow to 27,720 km. This achievement is worth an entry in the Guinness World Records book.

Rørdagene 2019: Green Growth and Environmental Issues in Focus at the Pipe Days Conference in Norway

Fourth time in a row at the annual Pipe Days conference in Norway Pipelife invited professionals from across the whole industry and value chain to discuss the most important issues and topics from the industry.

The Power of Cooperation

“Thanks to this collaboration the entire project has been optimized," says Ralph Hoogerwerf from the wholesaler Joosten Kunststoffen. “[Pipelife] is a reliable partner. Quality is of paramount importance (...) and Pipelife can definitely meet our quality demands!”

The Ocean Cleanup has started!

Pipelife is a proud partner of The Ocean Cleanup. A foundation that develops technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic.

Project "New Village Hoef and Haag" in the Netherlands

A completely new village is being built between Vianen and Hagestein in the Netherlands and Pipelife Netherlands supplies the materials for the sewer system!

That was IFAT 2018!

Once again, the IFAT 2018 has proven that it fully meets all international demands and has been able to impress the professional world with its many inspiring and remarkable innovations!

Visit Pipelife at IFAT 2018, Munich

At the world‘s leading fair for environmental technology, Pipelife will present the newest possibilities for rainwater usage – the Pipelife Raineo System.

Pipelife BIM Dating Event – a marvelous feat for all who took part!

The first of its kind “Open your mind with BIM” event was a smashing success! Pipelife in collaboration with our partner company Itannex, as well as an impressive array of leading industry experts, brought together management and board members, as well as the BIM users themselves - designers, planners and engineers - from the installation sector, and facilitated plentiful stimulating discussions and an exchange of staggering BIM-themed insights. Don't miss to learn more about this unique event here! Video included.

First Pipelife International Water Conference

On 9th and 10th October Pipelife Netherlands was the center of the first International Pipelife Water Conference. The event brought together a selected group of international guests from the water industry - both customers and internal experts. Don't miss to learn more about this unique event here! Video included.

Discovering Plastics together with TEPPFA and Pipelife

Strength and flexibility. Is it possible to have both? The answer's yes, and these key attributes co-exist within plastic pipes for civil engineering applications. Discover more in this page!

Pipelife acquires Preflex Group – a leading producer of prewired electro conduits

Preflex Group, with manufacturing sites in Belgium and France, is a European leader in the growing segment of prewired electro conduits. The takeover strengthens Pipelife’s position as a European leader in electro conduits.

Pipelife Finland launches Raineo Rainwater management system

With a cinema - worthy promotional video and a successful exhibition introduction Pipelife Finland launched Raineo® to the Finnish market!

SoluForce Strikes Again! Introducing the new SoluForce High Temperature Pipe System

Yet another technological development for our customers!

Fourth Drip Irrigation Pipe Extrusion Line in Pipelife Turkey

Pipelife Turkey has pushed the start button of its fourth drip irrigation line on March 29th, 2017.

Pipelife Gas Stop Improves Gas Grid Safety for Enexis

As of this year, Enexis Netbeheer will be the first grid manager in the Netherlands to install the Pipelife Gas Stop as a standard safety measure in the gas grid.

Takeover strengthens Pipelife’s position in Southern Finland

Pipelife acquires a majority stake in Finnish chamber producer Talokaivo Oy, a specialist for the development, production and marketing of water management- and environmental systems.

Pipelife environmental EPD calculator now available

Pipelife has issued an environmental EPD calculation tool, available as iOS app on the app store and as download from our webpage

Fighting climate change

Pipelife Norway will be installing the largest production line for double wall pipes for the management of waste- and rain water in Northern Europe.

Pipelife awarded for school project

Pipelife Sverige was awarded a nice prize in connection with the yearly gala held by the Swedish Plastics Industry Association.

Great Place to Work - Pipelife Finland

The Pipelife Group proudly announces that Pipelife Finland was selected the second best place to work in Finland’s “Great Place to Work 2015”.

New Compact KG Sewage Pipe

Pipelife Germany will add a new pipe to its sewage pipe range

SoluForce® named “Manufacturer / Supplier of the Year”

At the 2014 Africa Oil & Gas Awards SoluForce® was named “Manufacturer / Supplier of the Year”

Hungarian Product Quality Award

Congratulations to Pipelife Hungary for being awarded the „Hungarian Product Quality Award” for their RADOPRESS product range for Hot&Cold sanitary and heating/cooling installations

Photo Competition 2014

Thank you very much for participating, the Pipelife's "25 Year Photo Competition" is now closed.

Pipelife provides assistance to flood victims in Serbia

Torrential rainfall has affected Serbia since 13 May 2014, with the amount of rain reaching two months` average in just two days.

Pipelife @ Light + Building 2014

Pipelife will be present at the Light+Building, held from 30.03.-04.04.2014 in Frankfurt.

Pipelife around the world - Finland

In the course of our group-wide charity project "Pipelife around the world", Pipelife Finland has divided its donation in two parts in order to support two organizations.

Aid for the Philippines

On November 8th, Typhoon „Haiyan“ hit 39 provinces in the Philippines. Due to the tremendous scope of this disaster, Pipelife donated over 5.000 EUR.

Pipelife supports Habitat for Humanity

CSR is important to Pipelife and in this respect we support a project of Habitat for Humanity in Kostinbrod, Bulgaria

Pipelife around the World - 27 months - 27 countries - 27 projects

Since 19 months Pipelife is partnering with the Austrian Red Cross in order to support humanitarian projects in all countries in which Pipelife is active.

Pipelife issues its Sustainability Report 2012

To underline our commitment to sustainabilty and corporate social responsibilty, Pipelife has, for the first time in its history, decided to publish a short sustainability report

Pipelife CEO elected as new TEPPFA president

The European Plastic Pipes and Fittings Association (TEPPFA) has a newly elected President and a new General Manager: Niels Rune Solgaard-Nielsen, CEO Pipelife Group

Pipelife introduces Raineo® at InfraTech 2013

Recently Pipelife Netherlands successfully rolled out the new Raineo® Solution at the InfraTech 2013 in Rotterdam with what has been referred to as “A brilliant booth design and theme”

Biggest Soluforce Order

Pipelife’s Soluforce division is pleased to announce the receipt of its biggest order in its history. The involved product, Soluforce Heavy, is the premium product of the Soluforce range

Pipelife around the World - 27 months - 27 countries - 27 projects

Since January 2012 Pipelife is partnering with the Austrian Red Cross in order to support humanitarian projects in all countries in which Pipelife is active.

Pipelife's new Product: Halovolt Low Friction EMC

Besides wanting clean air and healthy food, people want to live and work in a low-radiation living and working environment. Pipelife serves this need perfectly with an important new innovation

Good Results from H1 Innovation Figures

Good innovation results are reported by the Pipelife Group for the first half of 2012. The company measures its innovation figures as the overall percentage of turnover generated by new products

Pipelife Norway - The Ghana Project

Last week Pipelife Norway signed one of the biggest single Pipelife contract ever for the delivery of 8.800m long length large diameter PE pipes with a dimension of 2.500mm

Pipelife Norway - The Morocco Story

Currently the ongoing delivery of long length large diameter HDPE pipes for Jorf Lasfar Slurry project in Morocco represents the largest single project that the Pipelife Group ever carried out

Pipelife awarded Top Exporter

At a solemn ceremony of the top Austrian export companies Pipelife International was awarded as one of the TOP EXPORTERS 2012 by the Austrian Economic Chambers

Simple ways of becoming greener: New lights to save energy

Apart from producing environmentally friendly products and limiting waste as much as possible, Pipelife Hungária also takes constant care to use energy efficiently

Pipelife Hungary's green thumb II

Emphasizing on the importance of sustainable life, the local management in Hungary decided already in 2010 to plant one tree after every one million meter...

Pipelife introduces Raineo®: The rainwater management solution

Raineo® is more than offering a full range of rainwater management products. No matter if it is about catching the water on roofs or streets, getting the water cleaned, stored or reused, Raineo® has it all

Pipelife is already green, but becomes “greener”

Pipelife cares about the environment and future of our planet! Since already some years we at Pipelife have committed ourselves

Ten million meters of Radopress multi-layer aluminum pipes

Pipelife is proud to announce that on February 21st, 2012, the 10th million meter of multi-layer pipe has left Pipelife Hungary’s production hall

Wienerberger announces full takeover of Pipelife

Wienerberger AG, the world’s largest producer of bricks and number one on the clay roof tile market in Europe, is acquiring the remaining 50% stake in Pipelife

Pipelife around the World - 27 months - 27 countries - 27 projects

Starting in 2012 Pipelife is partnering with the Austrian Red Cross in order to support humanitarian projects in all countries in which Pipelife is active

Corporate Social Responsibility

Starting from 2012, the Pipelife Group is making a big step forward in terms of CSR and will go for the Global Reporting Initiative

Investigation on anticompetitive behavior

On December 16th, 2011, officials from the Hungarian Competition Authority investigated Hungarian pipe producers on suspicion of anticompetitive behavior

Pipelife’s new HVAC calculation program “PLANPIPE”

Over the last one and a half years, Pipelife has extensively worked on developing a sophisticated calculation software, named “PLANPIPE”. After an intensive period of testing, Pipelife can announce its successful implementation

Soluforce RLP - First order left Pipelife Jet Stream

Pipelife is proud to announce that last week the first order of Soluforce RLP pipes (Reinforced Line Pipe) has left the factory of Pipelife Jet Stream, US.

Pipelife renewed its credit facilities as of July 8th, 2011

Pipelife International has successfully negotiated a new multicurrency revolving credit facilities

Pipelife Austria’s General Manager honored for years of merits

As part of the General Assembly of the ÖVGW Pipelife Austria’s General Manager Karl Aigner was awarded an honorary membership

Pipelife Finland – A "Great Place to Work"

As the first Finnish company ever, Pipelife Finland received the special "Great Place to Work" award in the category "Listening" and additionally finishing as 3rd best place to work in Finland and 23rd best in Europe.

Longest Pipes Ever Sailed Through Bosporus, Turkey

Last week the longest pipes ever sailed through the Bosporus in Turkey. These, each 400m long, PE pipes of 2.000mm diameter and wall thickness of 66mm are produced in Stathelle

Alain Storet receives Uni-bell award

During its 39th Annual Meeting in Tucson, AZ, Uni-bell, the North American PVC pipe association,made Alain Storet, the President of Pipelife Jet Stream, the recipient of its award

International Bankers Meeting 2011

On April 4th 2011, the traditional Annual Meeting between Pipelife and its core bankers' group took place in Vienna

Pipelife announces a plan to acquire Alphacan’s pipe business in France

Alphacan France is a specialist for the development, production and marketing of PVC profile and pipe systems for the building and infrastructure market

Pipelife Finland – Again the Best Industrial Place to Work in Finland

For the second time in a row, Pipelife Finland was selected as third best place to work in Finland’s “Great Place to Work Study 2011” among the mid-size companies

Norway - Raising Environmental Performance

Pipelife in Norway has started to track its carbon footprint. To achieve the environmental performance that it seeks, the company will rely on human footprints

Netherlands – Reducing CO2 Emission

Pipelife Netherlands has started to insulate the die heads in order to achieve positive environmental effects

Pipelife Germany has found the “Superforeman”!

It was one of the most unusual castings in 2010: "Pipelife seeks Superforeman!” – The winner has now been found. His name is Michael Andergassen, a site manager from Lake Constance

Kimmo Kedonpää elected to the Board of Directors of two Industry Associations (FI)

Kimmo Kedonpää, general manager of Pipelife Finland, was elected to the Board of Directors of the Chemical Industry Association as well as the of Plastics Industry Association in Finland

New one-meter PP pipe from Pipelife

Pipelife is now producing a large diameter plastic pipe that will strengthen the firm’s presence in Central and East European sewer markets

Pipelife Hungary's green thumb

Pipelife Hungary, as only Hungarian producer of multilayer composite pipes, is committed to spreading modern heating and sanitary pipe systems, supporting energy efficiency in buildings thus enviromental awerness

Fork Lift Truck Competition 2010

For the fourth time International Fork Lift Truck Competition took place. The competition is meant to sensitize for safety requirements

Pipelife Kid's Contest

In the course of Pipelife's 20th Anniversary, the first Kids Contest was organized in 2009.

Pipelife closes its subsidiaries in Spain and Portugal

Pipelife intends to withdraw totally from the Iberian market and consequently discontinue its production and trading activities in Spain and trading activities in Portugal.

Pipelife @ the IFAT 2010

Pipelife will be present at the 16th International Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Refuse and Recycling in Munich

Austrian Plastic Pipe Recycling Workgroup (ÖAKR) offers sustainable benefits

The savings in 2009 due to the ÖAKR system amounted to 1,600 tonnes of CO2 and 70,000 gigajoules of primary energy

Pipelife HTL Graduate Competition 2010

Austria’s largest plastic pipe manufacturer, Pipelife Austria, has promoted the next generation of engineers with an annual competition

Pipelife introduces AquaLine RC Robust

Pipelife Austria has introduced a new product for the usage of drinking water. Aqualine RC Robust is the further development

Pipelife @ Citypipe 2010 in Moscow

Pipelife will be present at the upcoming Citypipe 2010 fair in Moscow, starting on June 1st

Pipelife acquires Westpipe AB

We would like to inform you that Pipelife has signed an agreement for acquisition of Westpipe AB in Sweden.

International Bankers Meeting

On April 6th, 2010, the meanwhile traditional Annual Meeting between Pipelife and its core bankers' group took place in Vienna

Pipelife @ Light+Building 2010

Pipelife will be present at the upcoming Light+Building 2010 fair in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

World Water Day on March 22, 2010

We are all concerned about water stress and the possible conflicts that may arise. Water is precious and the task of sharing know-how in the field of plastic pipe technology

Pipelife @ the Aquatherm 2010

The Aquatherm Vienna is unique in Austria – taking place every 2 years - specializing in heating, climate control, and sanitation

Top Ideas from the Top of Europe

Companies thrive by creating ideas and putting them in to practice. Pipelife continuously encourages the involvement of its employees in this process

Pro LVI-medal awarded to Pipelife’s MD in Finland

The Board of Finnish Pipetraders Association has awarded Kimmo Kedonpää, Managing Director of Pipelife Finland, with the Pro LVI-medal 2009

Super Robust Pipe – a suitable case for rough treatment

A twin layer pressure water pipe that can withstand the shakes and shocks of the most mountainous landscapes has been introduced in the Czech Republic

Customer powered, Quality driven

Many companies rely on official standards to underline their reputation. However at Pipelife, the business philosophy behind these certified documents

Sewage Treatment Plant in Portugal - "Etar do Barreiro"

The Pipelife Group is proud to have supplied an important and technological innovative Project for Sewage treatment in Portugal.

Stormbox conquers Austria

In no time the Stormbox conquered the Austrian market. “The combination of strength, inspection and cleaning gave it a big push for our market”,

New Soluforce Brochure

Pipelife can offer a new Soluforce Brochure on the website, available for download in our service section.

Setting sail for cleaner waters

A flotilla of large plastic pipes has recently been towed by tug from a fjord in the South of Norway to a Polish coastal village. Once connected and submerged to form a sewer outfall

Mean machine for the Polish sewer market

Various parts, that allow producing more than 100 PRO chambers and manholes every day, are manufactured by a highly efficient machine installed by Pipelife Polska at its factory in North Poland

World record for towing the line

From a sheltered fjord in Southern Norway, the world’s longest floating pipeline has crossed the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea to arrive at Cartagena in the North of Colombia

Incredible output of 1,000 kg/h achieved

Cincinnati Extrusion Gmbh, Vienna/Austria, was able to meet the demand of Arili Plastik Sanayii S.A with an optimally designed extrusion line. It guaran-teed Pipelife’s Turkish company throughput

Invisible but real...

Expensive and unsightly cooling towers were absolutely ruled out for the design of the Terga power plant in Algeria. Given its location near the coast, the alternative source of cooling for the power plant’s heat exchangers would be a continuous flow of seawater

Pipelife - Then and Now

This year we are proudly celebrating Pipelife’s 20th birthday. Although we are still comparatively young, our roots go back much, much longer – namely to the 1950s

Aqualine RC - the PE pipe for drinking water

Recently Pipelife Austria introduced its new PE pipe system for drinking water. The system called “AQUALINE RC” is especially recommended for a non-conventional laying technique

45 years working for Pipelife

After 45 years of working for Pipelife Germany, Hanna Posner now went into her deserved retirement. On her last day of work, she was picked up from home and chauffeured to the office

Pipelife at the Vienna City Marthon 2009

Pipelife proudly announces that also this year, the total number of three Pipelife teams participated at the Vienna City Marathon

Pipelife Portraits (II)

He lives in a land of endless summers and endless winters. His Pipelife office is closer to the North Pole than to Vienna and he accepted a contract to work for an exceptional company because he was also an exceptional ice hockey player

Upgraded production line in Ölsremma

Pipelife Sweden has recently upgraded their production line in Ölsremma which allows achieving an even more constant quality of the pipes. This positive development directly affects the Pipelife Infra System

Step up for Pipelife in Czech Republic

The hilly town of Otrokovice in the central region of Moravia in the Czech Republic used to be world famous for the design and crafting of Bata fashion shoes. It is now home to Pipelife having embraced a new expertise: making plastic pipe systems

More lines for Smartline

Pipelife Norway has recently increased production capacity of its SMARTLINE system of fittings. During 2008, this unique Soil & Waste pipe system captured a fifty percent share of the local market

Pipelife Finland - An excellent place to work

Leadership through values brought success - also a production organisation can be an excellent place to work!

New Movies

With the launch of the new website, Pipelife also published additional movies. You can now not only watch information on the Pipelife Group but also on various products such as

New Website for Pipelife International

Just before the end of last year Pipelife International launched its new website. The design has been refreshed and the content is presented even more user friendly now

Water for the green mountains in East Timor

Since 2004 has the Austrian Red Cross been involved in water projects in East Timor, the poorest country in South East Asia. Last year, Pipelife actively contributed to this dedication with a donation of 75.000 Euro

Pragma ID - now available for Inspection

A six page brochure explaining the details of PRAGMA ID is shortly to be published by Pipelife Polska in the English language. PRAGMA® is a polypropylene (PP-B) structured wall pipe

Pipelife introduces STOP™

At the beginning of this year Pipelife decided to declare the year 2008 as the “year of safety” and therefore introduced the DuPont™ Stop™ program in all Pipelife factories.

Pipelife @ the Big 5 Show in Dubai

Also in 2008 Pipelife could repeated the participation successfully at the Big 5 Exhibition 2008 in Dubai. Again, many visitors from the Gulf and Middle East countries were attracted and visited the Pipelife booth.

New Electro Products from Pipelife Sweden

Since November 2008 Pipelife Sweden has extended its electro pipe product range by two new products: PowerFlex and InFlex

Pipelife Germany strengthens its position in drainage pipes

In November 2008 Pipelife Germany purchased the drainage pipes production line of the German company Funke. With this investment Pipelife wants to strengthen its leadership position

New Project Manager at Teppfa

Sándor Aranyi who is currently Quality Manager of Pipelife Hungary will be assigned to TEPPFA. From January 1st, 2009, Mr. Aranyi will take over the position as Project Manager.

Pipelife Hellas: Piping in the New

Pipelife Hellas is challenging this archaic view of plumbing. By all accounts, the firm is succeeding, not only on the beautiful island of Crete but also in the rest of Modern Greece.

Pipelife supplies 19 Kilometers of Water Distribution Network to Brabant Water

It was with a small ceremony that Water Company Brabant Water, Construction Company Heijmans and representatives from Pipelife Nederland B.V. laid the first water pipe for the expansion of the Water Distribution Network of Brabant Water

Pipelife successfully invested in a production line in Hungary

Pipelife Hungária Kft. announces the successful investment of EUR 3 million in a multilayer pipe extrusion line for the manufacture of Pex-Alu-Pex and PERT-Alu-PERT pipes for plumbing and heating applications

Pipelife Portraits (I)

She skydives; she adores documentary films about photography, travel, culture, science, history, anthropology; she practices Yoga; she wants to learn a barefoot Indian dance called “Barata Natyan and Kathakali” and this year, she will visit Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar

New small Grease separator - ECO1

Recently Pipelife launched a new compact grease separator with a volume of almost 40 litres. This product is mainly designated for small »fast food« restaurants

Poland to slow the flow of Rainwater

Pipelife in Poland is launching a strong modular system on the European market that will mitigate the effects of flash floods. Called STORMBOX

Low energy entry for "Most Beautiful House"

One of the entries to ‘The Most Beautiful House in Croatia’ competition will be completely fitted out with leading edge products from Pipelife. This one family house in the historical

Pipelife present at the belektro 2008

In mid-October Pipelife will be present at the "belektro 2008" in Berlin, the trade show for electronics, electrical engineering and lighting technology

Pipelife Austria expands Distribution Centre in Krems

On September 23rd Pipelife Austria celebrated the expansion of their distribution centre in Krems. In front of 120 guests

Poland powers up for larger diameter fittings

Market demand for sewer products in Poland is such that Pipelife Polska recently took delivery of what amounts to the largest injection moulding machine within the Group

Stilla grows continuously

Pipelife’s premium silent soil system named StillaTM deals with the pipes designated for vertical soil installations in buildings, where the acoustic effects are most pronounced

Geo-textile covered Drainage Pipes available from Pipelife Hungary

Since summer 2008, Pipelife Hungary has extended its Drainage pipe product range by a geo-textile covered pipe. The idea of such a cover

Polish Grounds for Robust Pipes

Significant demand for Pipelife's Robust Pipe in the mountainous South of Poland indicates that the product is living up to its name. 80 kilometres of this tough multilayer pipe

Pipelife in Ireland: Quality Powered, Customer Driven

White’s Cross, Cork. When two Irishmen started a plastic pipe company near Cork almost forty years ago, they could have hardly imagined the eventual fruits

Pipelife at Plastics Pipes Conference XIV

Budapest. When the Plastics Pipes Conference XIV opens its doors on the 22 September in Budapest, Pipelife will be well represented.

Pipes Ahoy! Largest Pipe Flotilla ever

The largest flotilla ever of plastic pipes has been towed from a sheltered fjord in Southern Norway to three destinations - many thousands of kilometres away.

"Pipelife in your Life" Award goes to SolVin

On the first of July, the Vice President Marketing & Innovation of the Pipelife Group, Zoran Davidovski, handed over a 4.000 € cheque to Adolf Seidl, SOLVIN Sales & Marketing Manager Central Europe

Europe has become "Pragmatized"

For the last twenty years, the PRAGMA® range of pipe systems has appeared upon an ever-growing list of major projects throughout Europe. This popularity with European networks of the sewer and drainage variety was developed gradually

Complete Installation with Pipelife Pipe Systems

In this prestigious new building in Krems, Pipelife Austria accomplished to establish its products in all usage areas. From soil to Hot & Cold to heating and sewage

Unique fittings covering all angles

A completely unique design of angle bend for polypropylene pipes will shortly go into production at Pipelife’s Surnadal factory in Norway. The firm announces

New Chief Executive Officer for the Pipelife Group

Niels Rune Solgaard-Nielsen becomes Chief Executive Officer of the Pipelife Group

Russian switch over to plastic pipe technology

Pipelife has started to produce PVC foam sewer pipe in Russia. It is a further sign that the country’s growing economy is switching over quickly

Pipelife acquires Instaplast a.s.

June 2008: Pipelife, one of Europe`s leading producers of plastic pipe systems, acquires Instaplast Praha a.s. in Czech Republic. The parties have agreed not to disclose

Time for tall Tanks in Finland

The largest rotational moulding machine in Finland has now started to produce plastic manholes, pumping stations, waste water treatment systems

Swedish Fans holding Pipelife Pipes

Pipelife Sweden is actively contributing to the European Football Championship 2008!

Holy Orders for Historic Monastery

Bulgarian monks of an ancient and beautiful monastery on a holy mountain in Greece have decided to modernise their water supply system

Project displays Central Eastern Promise

The supply of pipe systems to the largest sewer reconstruction scheme in Hungary has opened up some interesting market opportunities in that country

Polish Perspectives

Pipelife has become a leading player in the Polish market. Unprecedented economic growth in Poland over the last ten years has clearly helped

Sewer upgrade in Czech Republic

A recent order signals a possible switch to high value plastic sewer pipe systems in the Czech Republic. The regional water authority in the south east of the country has ordered

Pipelife present at the IFAT

Pipelife was again taking part in the 15th International Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Refuse and Recycling in Munich

Pipelife at the Vienna City Marthon 2008

Pipelife proudly announces that this year, the total number of three Pipelife teams participated at the Vienna City Marathon 2008

No more Crossed Wires

Pipelife Romania has started to deliver its very first order for plastic protection pipes to the City of Bucharest. These orange PE pipes

Pipelifes Syndicated Loan Facility

On April 14th, 2008, the Pipelife Annual Meeting with the banks participating in the Group’s syndicated loan facility took place in Vienna.

Pipelife present at the light+building

Pipelife exhibited its products at the the international trade fair for architecture and technology fair "light+building" in Frankfurt

A fine Scan on Pipelife Sweden

Although Pipelife Sweden is the youngest member of the Group in Scandinavia, the company has been quick to achieve good growth and a fine reputation

For All the Right Connections

A comprehensive DVD to explain the ins and outs of the Radopress system has been produced. This universal H&C system covers radiator connection

STORMBOX water unit will slow the flow

Incessant rainfall can leave a path of destruction through flooding, land subsidence and overloading of sewers. However, Pipelife is now launching STORMBOX

PVC pipe takes off from Pipelife Jet Stream

A new PVC pipe made by Pipelife Jet Stream in the US has met with such a strong market demand that it has prompted a substantial expansion in production capacity

Pragma made in Pipelife Russia

The first lengths of PRAGMA pipe have been manufactured on a trial basis at Pipelife’s Russian factory. Full production will start within weeks and demand

Responsible Care Certificate awarded to Pipelife Austria

It was only a while ago that Pipelife Austria's outstanding new products were honoured with the sought-after "Innovation Award", and recently, on 25 January 2008, the company was able to celebrate yet another success

Pipelife Sweden introduces Septic III

At the beginning of this year Pipelife Sweden has introduced a new product: The Pipelife Septic III.

Pipelife launches the SBR System

SBR (Sequence Batch Reactor) is our new small to medium-size Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP).

Book celebrates 60 years of Dutch Pipelife

Diamonds may be forever but instead of the sparkling gems, Pipelife in The Netherlands has published a book to celebrate their sixty years anniversary

Smart Connections in the Bathroom

Pipelife Norway have launched an unique polypropylene Soil and Waste system which combines appealing design with several benefits for interior designer, stockist, installer and builder alike

Whatever the Weather...

Two new products have been added to Pipelife’s range of chambers. Now being launched in Scandinavia, one chamber is designed specifically for road gully applications and the other for waste water applications

Pipelife supports the Austrian Red Cross

The mission statements of these two organizations have a common objective: to improve the quality of human life as a prerequisite for well-functioning societies

Pipelife starts-up Production in Russia

Pipelife, one of the world leaders in Plastic Pipes and Fittings, starts up production in its new factory in Zhukov, Russia

Pipelife amended its credit facilities

Pipelife, one of the world leaders in Plastic Pipes and Fittings, amended its credit facilities as of September 21st, 2007.

China was good, (Eastern) Europe is Better

Pipelife International is withdrawing from China to return to the markets of Eastern Europe. Will doing business in Russia lead them to a new enounter with their Chinese competitors?

First PE Pipe from Pipelife Russia

Pipelife’s factory in Russia has just produced its first length of PE pipe. Important opportunities will now be realised for the company’s pipe systems

Record Export Sales for PE Pipes in Norway

Surnadal. Pipelife Norway expects to book record sales from the export of large diameter PE pipes this year. Norwegian export activities started almost forty years ago

Master 3 - The new drainage System for Professionals

Pipelife Austria presented the new drainage system MASTER 3 in the Magna Racino. The name itself gives some idea regarding the new range. "3" stands for the three layers

Eco System - The New Website

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to visit our new website which is dedicated to the Pipelife Eco Environmental Systems

Pipelife acquires Quality Plastics in Ireland

Vienna. Pipelife, one of the world leaders in Plastic Pipes and Fittings, acquires Quality Plastics in Ireland