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In our Agriculture segment we include products from the field of Drainage and Irrigation.


In agriculture the use of drain pipes becomes especially necessary in case of water saturation due to either an insufficient absorption capacity of the soil or to a high salinity level of the land. The application of drain systems allows the ventilation of the roots, increase of the temperature and the regeneration of the soil. It also reduces the appearance of parasitic plants and enhances the permeability of the ground. The final result is an improvement of the output.

Drain systems are also usefully applicable for non-agricultural installations such as sport courts, gardens, green areas or roads, highways, railways and aerodromes.

For all these applications a wide range of PVC pipe systems both corrugated and smooth is available.


Wherever plants grow, water is the necessary element to enable their survival. Pipelife takes all the possible circumstances like climate, temperature or amounts of water required into account, and offers a largevariety of irrigation systems for numerous purposes. Whether it is watering gardens, sports fields or agricultural areas, Pipelife has the perfect solutions.

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