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Collected Pipelife references - worldwide

Austria: Building service solutions from one source

Pipelife Austria has supplied the majority of the pipes and accessory components for the building services of a residential complex in Götzendorf, …

Parizsi Udvar Building Solutions

In Control of Living Comfort - Optimal indoor climate control and quiet piping tailored by Pipelife Hungary

In building construction, contractors are …

Three 350-m-long, large diameter HDPE Pipes travel the Atlantic to be sunk in the Caribbean

Three 350-meter-long, solid wall, so-called LLLD (long length large diameter) Pipes travelled all the way from Norway over the Atlantic Ocean to …

Traffic Relief for Poland’s Capital

18.5 km Expressway around Warsaw = 30 km Pipelife Pragma® Pipe System for Road Drainage

To bring traffic relief to Poland's capital Warsaw and to …