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CO2 Performance ladder in the Netherlands

Everyone starts to realize that our natural resources are not endless and that our increasing consumption of it has a huge impact on our environment. For future generations the whole society has the responsibility to change their way of thinking. The challenge with this is how to create a spin-off stimulating companies to adapt sustainability as a basic part of their strategy.

In the Netherlands a solution for this was found in creating the CO2 performance ladder. In the CO2 performance ladder 5 levels are existing, each level has a set of requirements on the following aspects: insight, CO2 reduction, transparency and initiatives. The higher the level the more severe the requirements are. Companies can be certified for the CO2 performance ladder by accredited certification institutes.

How was the spin-off created than? Public bodies started to introduce virtual discounts at tenders. This means that when comparing the different offers, contractors who are certified on the CO2 performance ladder become a virtual discount on the offer. And of course, the higher the level on the performance ladder, the higher the virtual discount. By this contractors were triggered to go for the highest level.

To be able to reach this, a lot of effort is required. For example when you have level 5 it is required that at least 80% of your suppliers have a carbon footprint. By this the spin-off is created. Furthermore you have to participate in initiatives with other stakeholders with the goal: CO2 reduction.

Pipelife NL has adapted the CO2 performance ladder in its organization. The carbon footprint is made and is certified. An energy management is set up to give us a perfect insight of where our usages are. Based on this CO2 -reduction targets are set and working groups on energy saving are active. Pipelife NL found out that its employees are very much involved and come up with a lot of suggestions. The first conclusion is that a lot of energy is spilled and that we can improve considerably. The interesting thing is that saving energy not only saves our planet but also saves money.

Together with the stakeholders Pipelife NL started communicating about CO2 performance. With this another way of intensifying your relation with the customer opens up.  To be transparent about this performance NL added CSR as a chapter to their website. You can visit the CSR webpage under the following link:

View here the CO2 Awareness Certificate from Pipelife Netherlands.

CSR website in The Netherlands
CSR website in The Netherlands