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Corporate Social Responsibility


A coordinator for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been named. The purpose of this role is to achieve transparency while creating added value…

Pipelife has appointed Zoran Davidovski, Vice President of Marketing & Innovation  to coordinate CSR activities. Most companies within Pipelife have already achieved a good track record with various aspects covered by CSR and this appointment has been made to prepare a common approach.

“Our aim is to publish all of our CSR figures,” explains Davidovski. “These will include environmental targets, codes of conduct, social performance, as well as key safety and health indicators. Some of our major customers and stakeholders have also embarked on a step-by-step realization of this goal.”

“The promotion of CSR policies by Pipelife is a voluntary decision and one that will create added value for our business operations. CSR is recognized for encouraging the process of innovation particularly in the field of sustainability. We also recognize that there is a great deal of respect and reputation to be earned by presenting a group company response.”

“As a member of The Plastic Pipe & Fittings Association (TEPPFA), Pipelife continues to play a leading role in promoting the environmental benefits of plastic pipe systems. This regard for our products is carried further to include the complete value chain from raw materials to manufacturing and distribution through to end of service life and recycling.

Davidovski notes that CSR reporting is rapidly becoming a business norm. “We have an opportunity to shape common starting points and add an element of synergy to the management process. This process will also require the development of human talent – one of our most important assets. ”

CSR is a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model.  Ideally, its policy functions as a built-in, self-regulating mechanism whereby business would monitor and ensure its support for law, ethical standards and international norms. Business is thus obliged to embrace responsibility for the impact of its activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere.