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Green investment at NLE: Ecodrive on new injection moulding machines to save energy

At NLE, two older injection moulding machines will be replaced by two new ones. With this investment NLE also looked at the CO2 aspect. Their supplier, Engel, came up with a new initiative in this called Ecodrive.

The machine's speed is directly linked to the drive speed. The new servo hydraulic Ecodrive keeps the speed down to requirements. In other words, the drive is only active during movements, with energy consumption dropping to virtually zero when the machine is idle.
This is more or less comparable with the start/stop principle of a car. Energy is only used when necessary. The effect of the Ecodrive is bigger with longer cycle times.

Engel indicated an energy saving potential of 30 -35 %.

To be sure of the extra investment in the Ecodrive a performance contract was made with the supplier. The percentage of the extra investment which will be paid depends on the measured energy savings.

This initiative shows that profitability can go hand in hand with sustainability.