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Corporate Social Responsibility

Pipelife Project with the Austrian Red Cross

Pipelife supports Austrian Red Cross with a EUR 75,000 donation

Financing to provide drinking water for 20,000 residents in East Timor

Vienna (Red Cross). The mission statements of these two organizations have a common objective: to improve the quality of human life as a prerequisite for well-functioning societies. “In this case, we are talking about clean drinking water for people in East Timor“, explained Werner Kerschbaum, Deputy General Secretary of the Austrian Red Cross, on the reasons for this cooperation with Pipelife. “The EUR 75,000 donated by Pipelife will allow us to provide 20,000 people in the poorest country in Asia with access to clean drinking water“, added Miguel Kohlmann, former CEO of this Austrian company.

Kohlmann described the company’s philosophy by stating that, “One of our key objectives is to improve the quality of life by providing high-quality solutions for the transport and protection of water and energy“. Since the tsunami in late 2004, Pipelife has been active in Southeast Asia. From Kohlmann’s point of view, the goal to provide “the less fortunate members of society with access to clean water“ can be met very efficiently together with the Austrian Red Cross.

For three years, the Austrian Red Cross has been working on the construction of water systems in East Timor. Only one-half of the households in this poorest country in Asia have access to clean drinking water. As a result, thousands of children die each year from water-related diseases such as diarrhea and cholera. Moreover, the time-consuming search for water often prevents children and young people from attending school on a regular basis. These new water systems and the parallel hygiene training programs will not only improve health standards, but also the quality of life in general.

On October 22, 2007 Miguel Kohlmann presented Werner Kerschbaum with a check for EUR 75,000. Through this strategic partnership with the Austrian Red Cross, Pipelife is making an important contribution to safeguarding the vital resource water for the residents of East Timor.