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Pipelife around the World - April 2012

Hand Pump Training – Austria
The repair of damaged infrastructure is often an effective intervention in water and sanitation (WatSan) related disaster response. This is particularly true in areas where hand pumps are common. In order to enable WatSan responders to consider the restoration of hand pumps within their work, a sound knowledge of different hand pump models is needed. In addition to technical know-how, knowledge of institutional aspects is crucial in order to facilitate sustainability.

This 5 day course increased skills and knowledge of the participants regarding different aspects of hand pumps. They gained a comprehensive understanding different hand pump models, their application range and limits as well as with technical & institutional aspects related to hand pump maintenance.

The goal was that by the end of the course participants were able to:

  • Demonstrate awareness about basic hydrogeological facts
  • Demonstrate basic understanding of borehole drilling technologies
  • Reflect upon possible pitfalls of working with drilling contractors
  • Distinguish between different hand pump models, including their advantages & disadvantages
  • Conduct a diagnostic on non or ill functioning hand pumps and practically repair them or supervise the rehabilitation
  • Demonstrate awareness about basic elements of community management for hand pump projects
  • Demonstrate awareness about the complexity of linkages between technological, economical and institutional aspects related to operation & maintenance of hand pumps.

This course was held from 24 - 28 April 2012 in Vienna, Austria.

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